On the Radar: Rack ‘Em Hot Pink

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We’ve got an obsession, and it’s, clearly, HOT PINK!
Part of our job at Lucky Rabbit is to surf the internet to find inspiration for the shop and key-in on what’s trending. {sounds fun, right?!} Happily, we are not alone in this neon obsession. We’re spotting looks all over the inter-webs and on the streets of SF. Pink dresses, shoes, LIPS, the list goes on! Here are some of our current muses!

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Chic Transition: Tips to Shopping the Transition

credit: don't say no fashion

The Summer transition into Fall always seems to catch us by surprise. We tend to ignore it because, well, it feels so warm this week! It has proved a never-ending trap. The unpredictable swing could mean fog, a cool breeze, or re-visiting summer heat. Don’t get caught off guard! Here are few key tips on what to consider when shopping for Summer to Fall clothing.




B E A T  U N E X P E C T E D  W E A T H E R!


SILK Puff Sleeve Chain & Rope Secretary Blouse

1. Look for pieces you can layer
Days often start cool, only to warm up by the end of the afternoon. Do look for blouses, tops, that you could throw a jacket or blazer over when it’s cool, but that are cool enough for when the day warms up. Pair with trousers on cooler days and skirts & shorts on warmer ones.

70s SHEER Sleeves Floral Abstract Dress

2) Keep it light while staying covered
 make sure that these pieces are lighter to offer a breeze when you need it. Also, look for dresses with slightly thicker material to beat the chill. Tip: Vintage dresses were often made with thicker fabric



60's LACE Boho MINT Creme Draped Deep V Maxi Dress

3) Slip dresses are still your friend
Indian Summer often hits us when we least expect it. So don’t pack up all your hot-weather wear just yet. Do cool off with light-fabric dresses like slip dresses when Indian Summer strikes. Once the season has made its change, these dresses make perfect nightgowns to lounge around in.

80s Ivory White Wide Leg Palazzo Jumpsuit



4) Fair-weathered rompers
The romping trend doesn’t have to end with summer. Do opt for its closely related cousin, the jumpsuit. They come in many fabrics and styles from casual, to our modern-style chic jumpsuit.

Chic 60s PONY Fur Leopard Printed Wingtips Black & Gold Chunky Heels




5) Transition effortlessly with current trends
Leopard print is still making its way to Spring 2012. Do note current and upcoming trends when shopping to ensure that your pieces will live past the transition.  

New Obesh: DIY Dip Dye Denim Vests

Summer is FINALLY here in California! The green hills from Spring are bleaching out and that particularly smell of Summer-time allergy is in the air. Needless to say, I was inspired to turn a pretty great Gap denim vest to something a bit more amazing!

I’ve paired the up-cycled vest with a fab. rainbow ombre Southwestern slouch top, which is equally amazing. Both can be found at the Lucky Rabbit shop right now!

What I’m Wearing:

Bleached Out & Splattered Upcycled Denim Vest (here)
Rainbow Ombre Southwestern Slouch Top (here)
Thrifted Cut-Off Shorts
Small Thrifted Bucket Purse
Thrifted Lace-up Wedge Sandal

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I had soooo much fun with this project! There’s definitely going to be more in the feature, so keep reading!

-The Lucky Rabbit

Wednesday Want: A Romantic Summer

Via Nostalgicwardrobe.wordpress.com

Do you believe in romantic summers? The summer season is different from the rest.  It surrounds us with warmth, offering longer days to enjoy. It makes us want to leave the house each weekend to discover a new place in time. It lifts the spirit with aromas  from sun rays casting down, awakening the scents of groves and fields.

On Sunday, I took the family to a beach named, “Heart’s Desire.”  I barbecued oysters to dip in a butter wine sauce and roasted corn over a fire that the man started. Our children played and splashed at the water’s edge, inspecting  jelly fish and crabs.  We drove home on the winding roads of the coast as the sun set upon our day.

This is my romantic summer, and I want it to last.

What I Want To Do

I want to explore this boat and other abandoned building when nobody is looking.

Point Reyes Boat (original via MarinMagazine.com)

And roast Marshmallows with friends and family while the sun goes down at Muir Beach.

Muir Beach via weddingmapper.com

This could, indeed, be a romantic adventure!

Muir Beach Sign via sfist.com

Perfect for a Sunday picnic.

via yourdailytree.blogspot.com

What I Want To Wear

Gucci Keys Pattern Dress | LoniVintage

This silk dress ($74) makes me want to have a romantic summer in Italy. I will settle for the City.

Vintage Clubmaster Sunglasses | Ampeefyed

I recently saw this old man wearing a high-end version of these with rose-tinted lenses. My new wants! Super affordable on Etsy. These are going for $22.

Vintage Bathing Suit

Maybe it is just me? I do NOT like bikinis. I don’t care much for how much body is exposed or for the overall silhouette.  I would love a suit just like this one!

Vintage Bathing Suit via sweetsassafras.org

Vintage Straw Fedora | FlowerontheWall

This “boating” hat from FlowerontheWall is beat-up vintage glory.

Paisley Maxi Dress | Charlotte Russe

I spotted this dress a little while ago. It’s perfect for romping around the beach with kids. I just hope it feels as pretty as it looks!

Matt Bernson Gladiator | Piperlime.com

Rachel Zoe’s pick – I pretty much live in gladiator flats. They are flattering and comfortable. Get these on sale at Piperlime right now for $80 off retail.

Check back next Wednesday for more Wantable Wears!