It’s a Swap!

A few days ago, I went to Lulu’s swap in the city. I checked-in with 2 big bags of Lucky Rabbit stock and some clothes from my closet and was told to head to the pre-event gathering. I chatted up a couple of lovely women and met some fabulous bloggers, along with the adorable Pamela from Market Publique!


The swap was a mellow gathering until someone announced that a rack full of clothes, purses, and shoes from Lulu’s was up for grabs. It was mad dash for the merch! (someone got pushed into the rack!) I waited for the dust to settle and then snagged this Melie Bianco Sienna hobo bag. Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry, picked up the cutest pair of printed cork platforms, but they weren’t her size, so she gifted them to me. (Double score!) Afterward, we made our way to the swapping area, which pretty much looked like a Dizzy the Daredevil cartoon. The girls were tearin’ it up! A few glasses of wine later  and coping with the ultra-fun insanity was made easy!

 That bag!!! It’s all mine!

 The printed cork platforms from Natalie fit amazingly well. They are way comfortable and go great with a simple pair of skinny jeans. {c/o of Lulu’s}

My swapping scores? Ok- since this was my first event, I had NO strategy. I made out pretty well, but I saw a few other girls who freakin’ killed it–scored all the goodies! I grabbed a printed maxi sun dress, some vintage, sheer tops, and a t-shirt that I’ll use for pajamas… practicality has it’s place. The most rewarding, above all, was seeing women excited about finding my clothing at the swap!

Oh, and I almost forgot! During the event, the girls from Lulu were passing out cards on the DL for personal style cred. If you made the cut, you got a chance to spin a wheel-of-forture like wheel. I was inches from winning a $100 gift card, but got 20% instead. (Shoot!!!) Guess who is getting new shoes?! Here’s a quick snap-shot  of what I wore. I was having a terrible hair day. I’m not quite sure what was happing to the front!!! I blame it on the summer heat. (Photo taken by Cara from Lulu’s.)

What I wore:
Thrifted Sheer Floral Maxi Skirt

Vintage Lace Top
DIY Denim Vest  {here}
Skinny Belt from Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Platform Boots

 It was my first time at a swap, and, hopefully, not my last!

-The Lucky Rabbit


High Seas Exploration

(source: empress yacht of sausalito)

Today, I got to sail the 7 seas… errrr, the San Francisco Bay. My husband was invited to come aboard the Empress yacht for a bay cruise while he, along with a bunch of other architects, were given a product presentation. He asked me to come. (A yacht, you say, on the bay?! ) I was really exited. I have never been on anything close, other than that one time that I fished on my uncle’s dinky, by comparison, boat. I will never forget that day. I was 15 and spending the summer with my uncle. I sunburned through 7 layers of skin on that trip because good ole’ Unk. Mick didn’t consider needing sunscreen while fishing on open water in 100 degrees!  (I digress.)

I had carefully planned my outfit for this cruise. It was going to look similar to the one below.  Then it dawned on me as I was getting ready this morning–4-ish inch heels will not work on the choppy bay waters! (What was I thinking?) I tried SO hard to make my original outfit work with flats. Yet, the proportions, sans the heels, were all wrong.

By this point, I was 20 minutes late but demanded an outfit change! I snagged this old Zara dress that I bought in Mexico 5 years ago. I pulled on a pair of leggings (lest I freeze on the water). They went over my new deadstock vintage stockings that I bought from my friend, Nickie. (They are the kind that are two separate pieces sewn together, creating superior quality and a nostalgic seam on the back.) I threw on a vintage coat & gold loafers and quickly said au revoir  to the baby and sitter. Then I raced to the City, praying the cruise didn’t set sail without me. I got there with minutes to spare (pheww). In my typical fashion, I was overdressed. I saw a lot of button-ups with khaki (GASP! Come on Designers. Is that all ya’got?! JC excuses their appearance, citing that they’re contractors, not architects. Pshhh.)

How did the cruise go? Everything went wonderful. The food and wine was fantastic. Views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the lovely sea-cliff homes of Marin Country (my home) were breathtaking.

(source: bay bridge, yacht interior, golden gate bridge, tiburon cliff )

I just wish I wasn’t seasick for the whole time. I wanted, so badly, to enjoy it. Yet, I felt like I had one-to-many, even though I didn’t. Alls I needed was fresh air and a stable ground to stand on, but there was none. It was 4 hours of coping with artificial dizziness. I suppose I need more yacht experience before I venture onto high seas in the future.