Chic Transition: Tips to Shopping the Transition

credit: don't say no fashion

The Summer transition into Fall always seems to catch us by surprise. We tend to ignore it because, well, it feels so warm this week! It has proved a never-ending trap. The unpredictable swing could mean fog, a cool breeze, or re-visiting summer heat. Don’t get caught off guard! Here are few key tips on what to consider when shopping for Summer to Fall clothing.




B E A T  U N E X P E C T E D  W E A T H E R!


SILK Puff Sleeve Chain & Rope Secretary Blouse

1. Look for pieces you can layer
Days often start cool, only to warm up by the end of the afternoon. Do look for blouses, tops, that you could throw a jacket or blazer over when it’s cool, but that are cool enough for when the day warms up. Pair with trousers on cooler days and skirts & shorts on warmer ones.

70s SHEER Sleeves Floral Abstract Dress

2) Keep it light while staying covered
 make sure that these pieces are lighter to offer a breeze when you need it. Also, look for dresses with slightly thicker material to beat the chill. Tip: Vintage dresses were often made with thicker fabric



60's LACE Boho MINT Creme Draped Deep V Maxi Dress

3) Slip dresses are still your friend
Indian Summer often hits us when we least expect it. So don’t pack up all your hot-weather wear just yet. Do cool off with light-fabric dresses like slip dresses when Indian Summer strikes. Once the season has made its change, these dresses make perfect nightgowns to lounge around in.

80s Ivory White Wide Leg Palazzo Jumpsuit



4) Fair-weathered rompers
The romping trend doesn’t have to end with summer. Do opt for its closely related cousin, the jumpsuit. They come in many fabrics and styles from casual, to our modern-style chic jumpsuit.

Chic 60s PONY Fur Leopard Printed Wingtips Black & Gold Chunky Heels




5) Transition effortlessly with current trends
Leopard print is still making its way to Spring 2012. Do note current and upcoming trends when shopping to ensure that your pieces will live past the transition.  


Vintage Coalition: Floral Week

Floral, floral, & more floral–have you ever noticed feeling pretty when donning floral?

We are in love with the femininity that it brings. It flows seamlessly with a variety of styles. Mix it with lace, sheers, and other delicate pieces for an ultra sweet look or, simply,  use floral to cool the edge off of your street-inspired wear (that’s how we do). Whether it’s served abstract or straight up, bold or subtle, mixing floral into the wardrobe should become your staple.

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