Dear Diary: Overflow

Where do you get your inspiration?

That is the exact question to myself as I move forward with the Lucky Rabbit and this blog. Certainly, there are things that I like, such as trends. But those are not stable, as they ebb and flow. That is no place to be inspired. Inspiration should be discovered deeper from within, and whether or not it catches with the raging waters of current trends is another story.

So where do I get my inspiration?

Sometimes (like right now), I feel that inspiration should come from what sparks an inner-voice or emotion that surprises even you. It is something that you know is there, but you cannot articulate it because the key has yet to be reveal, so it is contained in a space within, as though it were sealed with brick and mortar.

Maybe, time, that includes a series of occurrences, is required to erode away the mortar. I have learned that inspirational sources also come through words that are spoken to you–from within, from friends or family, or from a stranger in passing. I like to believe it is a combination of time and words. For me, personally, my inspirational keys have always been spoken through music. Lyrics and rhythm evokes an emotional response and causes my whispering inner-voice to become louder, and that helps me to discover inspirational truths.

Sometimes, the words in between lines are more powerful than the spoken words, themselves.

For instance, take this song, What the Water Gave Me, by Florence + the Machine. Regardless of the artists own inspiration for this song, the tale that I heard was of strength and power that took letting go (for the Lucky Rabbit, it might be a style direction that doesn’t feel as natural) in order for overflow to happen (whatever that may mean to you).

“Pocket’s full of stones. Lay me down. Let the only sound be the overflow.” –Florence + the Machine