Fall Color & Inspirations

Sheer Blush Skirt | Thrifted and Modern Sheer Blouse | We Heart It
Sheer Skirt & Blouse | Lookbook

Chunky Burgundy Knit Sweater | Closet Full of Memories
Squared Boot | Baker’s Shoes Vintage Blouse & Fall Leaves | We Heart It

Red Blazer | Chictopia Street Style Orange Dress | Hapersbazaar
Melon Pink Skirt | Hapersbazaar

Dare I say it? Fall is but a hop, skip, and jump away. I, for one, particularly relish this season. The cool foggy air, the trees that change shape, and the mid-day tea that warms you from the inside are all things I look forward to. I love the richness of the landscape that emerges, as it prepares for winter, and neon {esque} shades that appear on almost fallen leaves. Don’t you? It is these moods that get me thinking about the colors all around me and that’s what inspires the colors that I will inhabit this Autumn. Colors that I can’t wait to wear this Fall are hot pinks, rich burgundies, camel tones & mustards, foggy shades of green, and wispy sheers.

What will inspire your Fall color collection?
Will it be your moods, colors in nature, or?? Tell us!
♥ Lucky Rabbit



Sweet & Sour | Store Update

This week was a little hectic around Lucky Rabbit, between reviewing new applicants, updating the store, and planning the next few months. But it’s all in the name of fashion and vintage, which pretty much means hunting for incredible pieces, playing dress up, & having FUN while trying to look like a business! (don’t tell anyone our secret.)

Take a look at the fabulous vintage clothing we have for our customers this week! (soaking in a proud moment.) They all are unique pieces that will add too many different wardrobe styles.

As always, keep it chic; keep it sweet, and infuse your personal take.
♥ Lucky Rabbit

 ◢ ◢ ◢  S W E E T  &  S O U R  ◣ ◣ ◣

Red Sheer Cape Blouse – S / M / L – Vintage Avant Garde Batwing Tunic

CROP Top Blouse – XS/ S / M – Vintage Black & White Abstract Leaf Print 

60’s Pink Sheer Lace Jacket Duster – XS / M
Vintage Romantic Scalloped Lace Babydoll Swing Robe 

Black & Hot Sheer Orchid Blouse – XS / M – Vintage Hot Pink Floral Print Textured Button Up 

Black Sheer Maxi Dress – XS / S  – Vintage Overlay – Pink & Lavender Floral 

70s Lace VICTORIAN Blouse – S / M -GUNNE Sax Puff Sleeve White Poet Pirate Top 

70’s Polka dot White Dress – S / M – Preppy Midi Length  Red Flower Polka dot Print – Handmade Vintage

70’s Red Plaid Pants – M / 27 Waist – CHIC Vintage High Waisted Flared Rockabilly Menswear Flood Trousers 

Black Sheer Blouse – XS / M – Heart Applique Street Chic Button Up Top – 80s Vintage

Pink Skimmer Sweater Top – XS / M – Preppy Slouchy Basket Weave Knit – 80s Vintage

Cutout, Open Weave Crocheted Pink Top – XS / S – Handmade Vintage

On the Radar: Rack ‘Em Hot Pink

c/o chictopia

We’ve got an obsession, and it’s, clearly, HOT PINK!
Part of our job at Lucky Rabbit is to surf the internet to find inspiration for the shop and key-in on what’s trending. {sounds fun, right?!} Happily, we are not alone in this neon obsession. We’re spotting looks all over the inter-webs and on the streets of SF. Pink dresses, shoes, LIPS, the list goes on! Here are some of our current muses!

O N  T H E  R A D A R 

c/o chictopia

c/o style crave

c/o hold my gold

c/o art of wore

c/o inspired house of wright

c/o solestruck

c/o slvintage

c/o on the racks

Vintage Coalition: Floral Week

Floral, floral, & more floral–have you ever noticed feeling pretty when donning floral?

We are in love with the femininity that it brings. It flows seamlessly with a variety of styles. Mix it with lace, sheers, and other delicate pieces for an ultra sweet look or, simply,  use floral to cool the edge off of your street-inspired wear (that’s how we do). Whether it’s served abstract or straight up, bold or subtle, mixing floral into the wardrobe should become your staple.

Find an incredible floral collection THIS WEEK only at Vintage Coalition on Market Publique.

Vintage Coalition

The Vintage Coalition just kicked off its 2nd month with Floral Week. Have you heard about the Coalition yet? It is a pop-up, capsule collection of vintage clothing brought to you by amazing sellers from all over the inter-webs, hosted by Market Publique. The Vintage Coalition is unlike anything on the internet.

What will you find? Each week, the Coalition offers a theme for buyers to shop. Most items are listed as auctions with buy it now options. It’s becoming one of the most affordable places to shop a vintage collection with wonderful, quality pieces. Because the Vintage Coalition presents weekly themes, you do not have to worry about keyword searches and sifting through undesired listings. So far, themes that gone through festival, sheer, and rompers. Themes are pre-determined based on seasons and trends, so it’s always relevant to shoppers!
The Vintage Coalition has a list of amazing sellers, both big and small, which also makes it unique. You’ll browse sellers like Rock Paper Vintage, Hold My Gold, Everybody’s Buying Vintage, Lotus Vintage, Trashy Vintage, Sleepwalker LA, Thrifted, Lucky Rabbit, and more. Click here to view the complete Stellar Seller list and links to their fan pages.

Keep UPDATED on upcoming vintage collections, GIVEAWAYS, and more! Fan the Vintage Coalition on Facebook.

On the Radar

I, regularly, keep items on my radar. They are usually related to my mood and the seasons. This month it’s June. Summer is just beginning! My heart is beckoning for a road trip without a plan, the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. Since the Lucky Rabbit JUST moved into the studio last week, I have promised NO shopping. Then I saw these…

1) Boho Hippie Dress

{image credit}

I spotted this floor length maxi dress with flutter angel sleeves on the Rock Paper Vintage Facebook Fan Page. When I saw it, my heart dropped (remembering, no Online shopping). It was a preview from last week’s shoot. It should be coming to their ebay store soon! I’m doing nothing else but dying over this dress. One of a kind vintage means 1 lucky ebay winner! I’m jealous already.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Woods

{image credit}

What else? Nothing else. Pink strappy, wooden platform heels. Summer perfection.

3. Golden Feather Headdress 

{image credit}
GASSSSSSSSSP!  Aurelie Bidermann’s necklace (that’s styled in this picture as a headdress) is by far the best I’ve seen. 18-karat gold goose feather. Need I say more?? I think not. If you want the original, find it on Net-A-Porter for only $2,205! Me, I’ll be pinching my pennies to figure out how to DIY this.

What’s on your radar?

-Lucky Rabbit

(vw image credit via we heart it)

Caught in the Rain {Valentine Ed.}

Today, I was convinced that I had nothing to wear, like turn your closet on the floor, nothing “I showed up unprepared,” I repeated. So I got creative and this is what I came up with for my Valentine outfit (just in time to pick the boys up from school!). I decided to stay home after all (and not go to class) so that I can spend this night with the family. I will be making a chicken polenta dish. Yum!

Fortunately for me, I wasn’t the only unprepared. The weather was too! Last week, it seemed like Spring. Temps were in the high 70’s. When I woke up and saw the dreary sky, my heart sank. But it also inspired the color palate. So I can’t complain too much!

I love the idea of mixing patterns. Outfits come alive with layers and textures! The plaid wool skirt that I am wearing is actually calf length. (I normally, wear it as a cape.) I didn’t like the proportions so much, so I folded it in half and pinned it in place. What do you think?

I found in my closet:
Navajo Grandpa Cardigan (thrifted)
Sheer Embroidered Blouse (thrifted)
Gap Wrap/Inspired Kilt Skirt (thrifted)
Nine West Red Heels
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse (thrifted)
Vintage Belt
H&M Umbrella