Wednesday Want: For The Modernist At Heart


If there was a style that I felt was made for me, it would be modern design paired with a sense of glitz and glamour. Simple lines, attention to form and function, mixed with refined natural and man-made materials found in much of Mid Century Modern design feels like it could be my heartbeat fueling my existence. (A bit dramatic? Probably so.)


When most people think of mid-century, what comes to mind? Often, it’s Danish designs and the use of natural materials, i.e. teaks, cork, and so on. Although the concept was refined overtime, the intent was simple: to infuse organic architecture to create unobtrusive design that would flow, effortlessly, with the environment that it was placed. This began with structures and worked its way toward furniture and so on. However, not all mid-century design was organic, but maintained a minimalist thread with an angst against formalism. Much of what we know as the modern style, today, came from the Bauhaus school, later to be coined as the International style. Interestingly enough, the concepts of Bauhaus was conceived in the early part of the 1900’s, just after Constructivism boomed, following WWI.

Milo Baughman   via

Fast forward back to the mid-century era, and you will find one of my first designer crushes, Milo Baughman. He was a later mid-century modern designer,  known for his, at times, imposing proportions, minimalist approach, and use of high-end and exotic materials. While his designs did not always offer the organic shapes of the time, certainly, they paid homage to the greats, such as Meis Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Marcel Breuer, of whom all contributed to solidifying the Bauhaus style in the 20’s and 30’s.


Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in MR chair (right), designed in ’27. Mies’ Barcelona chair (left), came out shortly afterward.

This week’s Wednesday Want is dedicated to the Modernist at heart.
♥ Lucky Rabbit


Pair of Nickel Plated Armchairs by Milo Baughman

Lucite Rocking Chair designed by Charles Hollis Jones

Mid Century Acrylic Womb Chairs

70’s Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Cocktail Table

Milo Baughman X Base Chrome Desk

Mid Century Arc Lamp

Gaetano Sciolari Mid Century Modern Chandelier

Gaetano Sciolari Mid Century Glass Rod Swizzle Sticks Chandelier

60s Mid Century Modern Lucite Table Lamp Set

Lucite Modern Regency Table

Saarinen Tulip table + Norman Cherner chairs | Design Within Reach

Mills House 2, Sherwood, Mills and Smith, 1956 | Preservation Nation


Wednesday Want: A Romantic Summer


Do you believe in romantic summers? The summer season is different from the rest.  It surrounds us with warmth, offering longer days to enjoy. It makes us want to leave the house each weekend to discover a new place in time. It lifts the spirit with aromas  from sun rays casting down, awakening the scents of groves and fields.

On Sunday, I took the family to a beach named, “Heart’s Desire.”  I barbecued oysters to dip in a butter wine sauce and roasted corn over a fire that the man started. Our children played and splashed at the water’s edge, inspecting  jelly fish and crabs.  We drove home on the winding roads of the coast as the sun set upon our day.

This is my romantic summer, and I want it to last.

What I Want To Do

I want to explore this boat and other abandoned building when nobody is looking.

Point Reyes Boat (original via

And roast Marshmallows with friends and family while the sun goes down at Muir Beach.

Muir Beach via

This could, indeed, be a romantic adventure!

Muir Beach Sign via

Perfect for a Sunday picnic.


What I Want To Wear

Gucci Keys Pattern Dress | LoniVintage

This silk dress ($74) makes me want to have a romantic summer in Italy. I will settle for the City.

Vintage Clubmaster Sunglasses | Ampeefyed

I recently saw this old man wearing a high-end version of these with rose-tinted lenses. My new wants! Super affordable on Etsy. These are going for $22.

Vintage Bathing Suit

Maybe it is just me? I do NOT like bikinis. I don’t care much for how much body is exposed or for the overall silhouette.  I would love a suit just like this one!

Vintage Bathing Suit via

Vintage Straw Fedora | FlowerontheWall

This “boating” hat from FlowerontheWall is beat-up vintage glory.

Paisley Maxi Dress | Charlotte Russe

I spotted this dress a little while ago. It’s perfect for romping around the beach with kids. I just hope it feels as pretty as it looks!

Matt Bernson Gladiator |

Rachel Zoe’s pick – I pretty much live in gladiator flats. They are flattering and comfortable. Get these on sale at Piperlime right now for $80 off retail.

Check back next Wednesday for more Wantable Wears!

Wednesday Want

Exciting news! The man got a raise, a nice raise at that! It’s been pretty bone dry around here since the economy took a dive. Increased pay & bonuses went ice-cold; we had our 3rd baby, and I left work.  Most of my recreational purchases (clothing included) have been from thrift stores.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning on big spending  just yet, and I will never abandoned the thrift store–EVER! However, I welcome the variety and opportunities to shop elsewhere. Here is a collection of things that I’m planning to get as soon as the $$ starts rolling! (Confession: more like over the next 6 – 8 months.)

Vintage Paul Paris Bowler Derby Hat| Laboheme

First and foremost: The man has requested a Bowler Derby Hat. This one suits the bill! I think he deserves it for all of his hard architecture and historic preservation work. It will fit him & his career perfectly.

Lilac Bowler | The FAD PopUp Shop

I’d love to get a matching hat! But will the man approve of us walking down the streets of SF, hand-in-hand, wearing coordinating vintage bowler hats?

This lilac version is pretty sweet. Could I pull it off? (A little further from my edgy desires.)

Vintage Straw Bowler Hat | 10th Avenue East

This one might fly under the man’s radar of bowler hats.

Industry Wooden Wedge Lace Up Bootie | 80’s Purple

I’ve been very patient waiting for a nice pair of new shoes–VERY patient.  It’s been like a year or so.

Crochet Lace Waistcoat Vest| Persaphone Vintage

I’ve got to have something like this! Certainly, a must.

Dolce & Gabbana Festival Goldtone Bracelet Watch | Macy’s

I do not own a wearable watch. Here’s where I’ll start!

iPhone 4 From Apple

If the bad frequency reviews resolve for the current iPhone 4, I am jumping on that bandwagon or whichever iPhone bandwagon that will be in the next 6 months.

J Brand Jeans – Houliham Slim Cargo Pant | Bergdorf Goodman

It’s time for new pants! I’ve lost most of my baby weight. In another month or two, I’d love a nice pair of casual cargos I can dress up or down.

Check back next Wednesday for more Wantable Wears!


Perforated leather wooden wedge bootie.

sku: industry_sls1092ib_blk locator:

$190 Now 30% off $133.00

40 39 36 37 38



finished shopping?