Good News: Here to STAY!

It’s been entirely too long since I have last blogged. But for good reason! I’ve been focusing on the Shoppe’s product and our overall look.

The truth is that it is SO easy to get wrapped up in the pressures of social media. Many vintage sellers may even relate to pressures to: blog, Twitter, Facebook, thrift, blog, photo shoot, list, promote, blog, Twitter, Facebook (repeat). Without a clear focus, the whole thing can get sloppy–FAST! So I stepped away for a few months.

The good NEWS is that while I was away I have discovered the Shoppe’s key focus, and our product is better than ever and won’t stop for a rest! The biggest news of all, you ask? The Rabbit Shoppe F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. will have a fancy-schmancy DSLR camera in our possession by the end of the week. HOLLA, my vintie  lovas!



High Seas Exploration

(source: empress yacht of sausalito)

Today, I got to sail the 7 seas… errrr, the San Francisco Bay. My husband was invited to come aboard the Empress yacht for a bay cruise while he, along with a bunch of other architects, were given a product presentation. He asked me to come. (A yacht, you say, on the bay?! ) I was really exited. I have never been on anything close, other than that one time that I fished on my uncle’s dinky, by comparison, boat. I will never forget that day. I was 15 and spending the summer with my uncle. I sunburned through 7 layers of skin on that trip because good ole’ Unk. Mick didn’t consider needing sunscreen while fishing on open water in 100 degrees!  (I digress.)

I had carefully planned my outfit for this cruise. It was going to look similar to the one below.  Then it dawned on me as I was getting ready this morning–4-ish inch heels will not work on the choppy bay waters! (What was I thinking?) I tried SO hard to make my original outfit work with flats. Yet, the proportions, sans the heels, were all wrong.

By this point, I was 20 minutes late but demanded an outfit change! I snagged this old Zara dress that I bought in Mexico 5 years ago. I pulled on a pair of leggings (lest I freeze on the water). They went over my new deadstock vintage stockings that I bought from my friend, Nickie. (They are the kind that are two separate pieces sewn together, creating superior quality and a nostalgic seam on the back.) I threw on a vintage coat & gold loafers and quickly said au revoir  to the baby and sitter. Then I raced to the City, praying the cruise didn’t set sail without me. I got there with minutes to spare (pheww). In my typical fashion, I was overdressed. I saw a lot of button-ups with khaki (GASP! Come on Designers. Is that all ya’got?! JC excuses their appearance, citing that they’re contractors, not architects. Pshhh.)

How did the cruise go? Everything went wonderful. The food and wine was fantastic. Views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the lovely sea-cliff homes of Marin Country (my home) were breathtaking.

(source: bay bridge, yacht interior, golden gate bridge, tiburon cliff )

I just wish I wasn’t seasick for the whole time. I wanted, so badly, to enjoy it. Yet, I felt like I had one-to-many, even though I didn’t. Alls I needed was fresh air and a stable ground to stand on, but there was none. It was 4 hours of coping with artificial dizziness. I suppose I need more yacht experience before I venture onto high seas in the future.

Gaga’s Look Goes Viral

I saw this video a few days ago, circulating the blogosphere. I woke up this morning only to see it EVERYWHERE.  The Nay-Sayers are touting such a Gaga-inspired trend for health reasons. The circular lens required to create this look is said to pose serious health risks. I kind of don’t have an opinion because I kind of don’t care. (oops, kind of cut-throat)

With that said, I found this video interesting. I am a big fan of theatrical make-up and graphic arts! So I thought I’d share not of the fuss but more of the fussed. (You can judge for yourselves on another blog.)

Cheers to Arriving!

I started the Shoppe’s blog a couple of weeks ago on tumblr. It was good while it lasted, BUT it was also limiting. So I packed my belongings and headed this way. In my typical non-committal fashion, I kept my options open and had this as a back up account (along with blogger). If you are a tumblr follower, don’t worry, I plan on feeding my main blog into that one.

Cheers to arriving safely!