Dear Diary: My Confession

I have a confession to tell you. Sometimes, before I leave to go home, I pause at the door, just before turning off the lights, to visually soak in my studio. It feels like such an accomplishment that I do this almost on impulse. I also, secretly, relish the fact that do not have to share this space with the husband nor our boys. It is a place that I go to flourish and decompress. It is creative space, a quiet and still place, meant for productivity.

I love it so.

I am glad that I get to grow my roots right here in this tiny studio. Years from now, when I look back with the thought of “how did I manage in such a small space?”, I will remind my future-self that there was a time when it seemed like all that I had was a rack full of vintage, a mini fridge (for beer, soy chocolate milk, and ice cream mochi, of course), and a vision of a road without a single map. And while it didn’t seem like much to begin with, it was enough to pave a way. I will be forever thankful for my inner compass that will lead my direction.


Dear Diary: Around the Studio

While cleaning out my computer this week (which is just as tetious as cleaning my room), I came upon some photos of my studio that I had yet to show you. The Lucky Rabbit HQ is rather modest, but has loads of vintage charm (obviously–it’s full of it!).

At the moment, the set-up is entirely functional, no frills nor decor, and definitely no cutsey-anything. (I am trying to sustain under such working conditions! …I kid.) The matter of the fact is that I need 50 more square feet, at least, for a proper desk and other studio equipment, i.e. clothing racks, and, in general, inspiring decor (cutsey things).

Every dime goes back into the Lucky Rabbit, which means not much else is left for the sole-purpose of ‘atmosphere.’ This is turning out to be a growing point for me. I had always considered myself to be someone who needed a great ‘atmosphere,’ consisting of pretty and creative things, in order to thrive and be happy. But in this case, inspiration must only be found from within, despite the white walls, and it must flow out to color the, otherwise, cold, utilitarian space, at least from the heart’s perspective. So for now, I will make this work, without a single complaint, pin in the wall, nor dab of paint.

{fun fact: my favorite color is grey–spelled like that.}


A Look Around the Studio

ANYONE who visits the Lucky Rabbit headquarters gets their choice of vintage cup. (general note: the atomic ones are for adults, while the retro yellow ones are for the kids–just saying.)

Behind the Scenes

Deals & Steals: Wicked Plum Vintage

Wicked Plum Vintage is one of my favorite ebay vintage stalking grounds. It is like the internet’s best kept secret for glorious, pieces with maximum style power at really affordable prices. This week WPV has tons of on trend auctions ending tomorrow. I’ve spotted so many steals that I had to share them with you. So swoop, swoop on these deals!
♥ Lucky Rabbit


Drop-dead ultra sheer tiered gypsy skirt in Unique navy has me in vintage heaven. (Current Steal, $29.99)

70s vintage sheer & leopard print cami would look great with a good pair of pants and a blazer. Drooling yet? … this might turn into a bidding war. (Current steal, $9.99)

 This vintage 50s pleated skirt in cream has such a classy vibe. The midi length is perfect for Fall and Winter. Rock it with a pettiskirt and fishnets! (Current steal, $65.00 or make offer)

 As a vintage lover, cut out blouses are truly special. Shoulder cut outs are an incredibly rare find. Most that you see are reproductions or have been altered, (unless otherwise stated).  (Current steal, $14.99)

Vintage 80s trouser in rust.  Size Medium, ladies, Swoop this up. I’m a little disappointed they’re not my size! (Current steal, $14.99)

What do you think about these vintage 70s tortoiseshell boho shades ? Perfect Authentic vintage Styling to shield Sun rays. (Current steal, $14.99)

These auctions end tomorrow (Sep. 4th). If you missed out, contact the seller.

Gotta love ebay’s 2nd chance offers! Browse through more of Wicket Plum’s

vintage shop here for more amazing vintage.


On the Horizon

We’re working on several projects this month. It is seriously going to blow your mind. I can’t tell you everything we have planned (just yet). But I can announce that we have invited Lexi of Glitter and Pearls to our blog as a contributing author. Check out Lexi’s fashion interest blog. She has a nice following and is always spot on with her topics! We pretty much have a crush on her!  Lexi will begin in just a few weeks, and we are more than thrilled to have her.

Keep an eye out for changes! They’re on the horizon!

As always, keep it chic; keep it sweet, and infuse your personal take.
♥ Lucky Rabbit

It’s a Swap!

A few days ago, I went to Lulu’s swap in the city. I checked-in with 2 big bags of Lucky Rabbit stock and some clothes from my closet and was told to head to the pre-event gathering. I chatted up a couple of lovely women and met some fabulous bloggers, along with the adorable Pamela from Market Publique!


The swap was a mellow gathering until someone announced that a rack full of clothes, purses, and shoes from Lulu’s was up for grabs. It was mad dash for the merch! (someone got pushed into the rack!) I waited for the dust to settle and then snagged this Melie Bianco Sienna hobo bag. Natalie from Like Fresh Laundry, picked up the cutest pair of printed cork platforms, but they weren’t her size, so she gifted them to me. (Double score!) Afterward, we made our way to the swapping area, which pretty much looked like a Dizzy the Daredevil cartoon. The girls were tearin’ it up! A few glasses of wine later  and coping with the ultra-fun insanity was made easy!

 That bag!!! It’s all mine!

 The printed cork platforms from Natalie fit amazingly well. They are way comfortable and go great with a simple pair of skinny jeans. {c/o of Lulu’s}

My swapping scores? Ok- since this was my first event, I had NO strategy. I made out pretty well, but I saw a few other girls who freakin’ killed it–scored all the goodies! I grabbed a printed maxi sun dress, some vintage, sheer tops, and a t-shirt that I’ll use for pajamas… practicality has it’s place. The most rewarding, above all, was seeing women excited about finding my clothing at the swap!

Oh, and I almost forgot! During the event, the girls from Lulu were passing out cards on the DL for personal style cred. If you made the cut, you got a chance to spin a wheel-of-forture like wheel. I was inches from winning a $100 gift card, but got 20% instead. (Shoot!!!) Guess who is getting new shoes?! Here’s a quick snap-shot  of what I wore. I was having a terrible hair day. I’m not quite sure what was happing to the front!!! I blame it on the summer heat. (Photo taken by Cara from Lulu’s.)

What I wore:
Thrifted Sheer Floral Maxi Skirt

Vintage Lace Top
DIY Denim Vest  {here}
Skinny Belt from Urban Outfitters
Jeffrey Campbell Platform Boots

 It was my first time at a swap, and, hopefully, not my last!

-The Lucky Rabbit

On the Radar

I, regularly, keep items on my radar. They are usually related to my mood and the seasons. This month it’s June. Summer is just beginning! My heart is beckoning for a road trip without a plan, the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type. Since the Lucky Rabbit JUST moved into the studio last week, I have promised NO shopping. Then I saw these…

1) Boho Hippie Dress

{image credit}

I spotted this floor length maxi dress with flutter angel sleeves on the Rock Paper Vintage Facebook Fan Page. When I saw it, my heart dropped (remembering, no Online shopping). It was a preview from last week’s shoot. It should be coming to their ebay store soon! I’m doing nothing else but dying over this dress. One of a kind vintage means 1 lucky ebay winner! I’m jealous already.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Woods

{image credit}

What else? Nothing else. Pink strappy, wooden platform heels. Summer perfection.

3. Golden Feather Headdress 

{image credit}
GASSSSSSSSSP!  Aurelie Bidermann’s necklace (that’s styled in this picture as a headdress) is by far the best I’ve seen. 18-karat gold goose feather. Need I say more?? I think not. If you want the original, find it on Net-A-Porter for only $2,205! Me, I’ll be pinching my pennies to figure out how to DIY this.

What’s on your radar?

-Lucky Rabbit

(vw image credit via we heart it)

Big Reveal

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. It’s true. Now that the papers are signed, I can FINALLY let it out! … The Lucky Rabbit has signed the contract. We have a studio office! I am tripling my work space (which means more room to store vintage for you). I’m also gaining my living room back. I was super excited to share this with you and even took pics of the process, but guess who mistakenly deleted all of them yesterday?! Ooops.

I know it has been super quiet around here. I have worked hard all week to pack and unpack. Hold tight while we get situated. I’ll keep you updated as new vintage hits the store! Meanwhile, get down to this bad mix of Flobots & Danger!

-Lucky Rabbit