ModCloth Blog » Fave Finds: Pamela’s Vintage Blouse

Our sponsor, Market Publique‘s very own founder was featured last Thursday in the ModCloth Blog, wearing, you guessed it, VINTAGE!

Take a look at her lace blouse with studded buttons! I can’t tell you how many times that I find an insanely adorable vintage shirt but HATE the darn buttons or half of them are missing. What a great D.I.Y. twist.

Photos by Grace Hartnett via ModCloth Blog

Photos by Grace Hartnett via ModCloth Blog

Check out Pamela’s feature! She even gives a thrifting tip to help eliminate the need for a dressing room! Read the feature here: ModCloth Blog » Blog Archive » Fave Finds: Pamela’s Vintage Blouse.


 Love Pamela’s Vintage Look?
Here’s what you’ll need to get it!

Styling Tips: keep a neutral color pallet and look for a fuller skirt with heavier fabric. If you D.I.Y, play around with adding studs to your blouse or purse!

1) Vintage Lace Blouse | White Crochet Lace Blouse on Market Publique
2) ASOS Soft Handle Cupro Belted Midi Skirt in Brown | ASOS
3) Aldo Black Satchel | Zappos
3) Daisy D Mary Jane Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell | Sole Struck




Preparing for the Breeze: Fall Transition With Lexi

The Fall transition is tough.  Not in some monumental way, though I’d be hard-pressed not to classify a fashion emergency as an actual emergency.  You spend Spring and Summer stuffing your closet with breezy lightweight pieces, you pull out old favorites from buckets and bins, and you relish in the florals and chiffons. Then, little by little (like you wouldn’t notice), the temperatures drop ever-so-slightly, and you’re standing in a mini skirt with eleven blocks to go until welcoming indoor temperatures, and your skin physically hurts.  Stupid Fall.  Ahem, ‘fashion emergency.’

Don’t stuff your previous lightweight cargo back into those storage bins, just play a little clever mix-and-match.  Without further ado, your Fall fashion staples:

{Clockwise from top left:  Miu Miu Fur Jumper; Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Mini Dress; Madewell Daybreak Cardigan; J Brand Jeans; Payless Women’s Oxford Shoes; H&M Tights}

  • Tights – I could attempt a pun about being tight with my tights, but really, why nerd them up?  Tights are awesome and transition most summer pieces effortlessly – wear them under dresses, skirts, even shorts – so chic.  (Also, check out Chelsea’s recent post on printed tights and their awesomeness).
  • Cardigan – Celebrities love open-knit slubby cardigans.  The cozy cardigan is both oh-so-comfy and perfect for Fall.
  • Fur vest – Go glam with a fur vest this season.  Department stores and boutiques alike carry fabulous faux fur vests and coats – an inexpensive and animal-friendly version; and vintage fur, if you can get it, scores you extra points in the fashion world.
  • Oxfords – This season’s hottest shoe?  The heeled oxford.  Preppy and sleek, these retro-inspired kicks add just the right amount of pop to any outfit and work well with dresses, skirts, the shorts/tights combo, and pants.
  • Denim – It’s doubtful there’s a season where jeans aren’t on trend, but after months of heat exhaustion and the complete lack of desire to pull on denim when the beach is so very close, come home to your favorite skinnies this Fall – because of course, they go with everything.
  • Accessories – I’m a big proponent of spending money on inexpensive accessories.  Clothing styles change with every passing season, and trends can get expensive, but accessories – especially when bought at discount chain stores and on thrifting expeditions – are relatively inexpensive and pack plenty of fashion know-how.  (More on Fall Accessories later …)

♥ Lexi

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Lexi, a lawyer by day, blogger and fashion obsessive by night. In case you missed this week’s earlier post, read my  introduction interview here

Vintage Coalition: Fashion’s Night Out Inspired Collection

Fashion’s Night Out has begun and so has the season for evening wear as we head toward the Holidays (my favorite time of the year!). The Fashion’s Night Out inspired collection launched tonight (6 PM, PST) and will last for the next 10 days at the Vintage Coalition, a vintage pop-up capsule, hosted by Market Publique. (Learn more about the VC here.)

This week Lucky Rabbit Vintage is presenting one of its most prized possessions, a glammed-out cocktail dress, drenched in glitz! It is being offered as a ‘buy now.’ So if you love it, get it before “she” does.

Vintage Glam Blue Cocktail Maxi Gown

Featuring Shimmering Column Cut, Deep Side Slit, & Maximum Sequins in Popular Indigo Blue


Preparing for Spring Trends

Spring is almost here. Soon you’ll be packing away many  of those heavy layering pieces, wooly thigh highs, and warm coats. How are you getting your wardrobe ready? Now is the time to think about the changes you want to make from last year.

Moving Thru The Decades

Last year, there were mid-century influences (perhaps, trickled down from the Mad Men craze). But that is going to change. This spring, many designers have provided a fresh new take of  60’s mod and 70’s glitz and hippie.

Color Passions

As you may have already seen, spring ’11 color passion is taking cues from the garden to cover a fun range of intensity from vibrant and bold to softer muted tones.

Marc Jacobs vibrant Spring ’11 RTW collection features an unmistakable  70’s twist.

Frank Usher provides a balance with etherial sheers and vibrant spring color in this bohem maxi dress for 2011.

Cynthia Rowley plays with greyed-pastels contrasted by vibrant mustards & hot tangerines.
(Watch Cynthia Rowley’s Spring 11 Collection on the Runway.)

Textures & Details

Not ready to give up lace or leather this season? Me either. Lace and leather remain, but notice how they’ve change. Some designers have opted for a vintage look and have enlarged the lace pattern. On the other hand, leather has gained a modern look. Cut-outs and feminine ruffles are also here this Spring. So whether your fashion style is modern or bohemian and feminine, you are covered!

Ralph Lauren combines sweet vintage inspired lace with fringe in his western americana Spring ’11 Collection.

Burberry Prorsum ’11 Ad Campaign

Shoes To Picnic In

Platforms, platforms, platforms! Have you noticed? (Or is it just me?) There is wide variety  of reworked designs this spring. Many using materials like woods & leather or furs. Canvas, the perfect spring material, is making an appearance too.

Something that is coming on strong this year are sweet socks with your heels. Keep an eye out for sheers or special lace details.

Jeffrey Campbell’s Big Girl in Nude


Neve bootie by Senso
Find them at Sole Struck!


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Statement Makers & Trash Talkers: In response to Franca Sozzani

“Punk is….
Questioning colleagues on their assumptions, and never accepting any form of the “it’s how we’ve done it before” rationale.” – Punk Marketing (2009)

Italian Vogue editor since ’88, Franca Sozzani dished (her rather personal) dirt about fashion bloggers on her own blog yesterday (read here). She likened the recent phenomenon to a “viral cold.” Her post boiled down to her belief that fashion bloggers are uneducated, overblown nobodies who do not deserve the presence they are gaining within the industry, specifically citing fashion shows bloggers have been invited to over recent years.

I was stopped-in-my-tracks-stunned when reading her very candid post. I was also baffled that Franca Sozzani, was allowing, clearly, personal opinions to blur into a business posture. (Don’t mistake your blog as a personal journal if it has your name on it! Before spilling volatile vinegar, one must consider that it has the power to clear a room and a little goes a long way.) After reading her emotional vomit, I pondered her statements from my computer. How does stating her frustration help her as an editor/designer, push her brand further, and how will it be received or not within the fashion industry?

“Punk is…
Realizing that people don’t care about your business and certainly not your marketing unless you give them a serious, no bullshit reason to care.” – Punk Marketing (2009)

I was troubled by her clear loss of sight that the fashion industry is not all art for designers to convene over, deciding which of the privileged and beautiful should wear their art. It could never be that in order for it to succeed. Her personal opinions were rather one-sided. Sozzani has beef with the fact that bloggers tend to have very little background in fashion and, therefore, are not able to articulate and interpret designs, professionally.  She felt, that, in turn, lack of understanding can create criticism from bloggers toward designers unfairly. This clearly caused her a disconnect between the undeniable relationship between designer, brand, and blogger that has evolved as technology has become readily accessible across the globe.

“Punk is…
Hiring people not based on the amount of relevant experience they have in your industry but on how the unique skills they have will help the organization grow.” – Punk Marketing (2009)

1 for All, All for 1

The fashion Industry has different, multi-level platforms that have each been assigned a job with its own purpose and intent. There is one main goal amongst these different platforms and that is for the industry to succeed and progress toward the future, which does not necessarily mean that they need to work from top to bottom, but often times, side by side. Included in the different platforms are brands, bloggers, designers, marketers, etc. From design conception to roll out and, finally, into the consumers closet, these platforms offer a matrix of  how they work, as co-heirs, shifting in public dominance during the different phases, across the industry.

“Get off your ass and join the revolution” – Punk Marketing (2009) – best advice ever


The biggest mistake Sozzani has made is confusing the general population of fashion bloggers with designers and businessmen. They are not on the same platform. Bloggers will not shape a brand like the designers and business world can. A blogger, though influential, cannot ever crossover, as a blogger. Their power rests in a role between consumer and representative of the consumer, a liaison if you will. It is questionable that a fashion blogger should know and have the understanding that a designer has when talking about multi-level marketing. If this occurs, I believe, that it will threaten the position of the relatability that he or she is helping to create between brand and buyer.

We are in an age where consumers do not want to be bombarded with ads and images they do not want to consume. Prior to this new millennium, marketers forced us to see what they, as marketers, wanted. Our response, as Tivo was released and television became accessible on the Internet, was to turn off the ads we didn’t like. (Surprisingly, studies show that we are more likely to view ads that we’re interested in.) Marketers are finally taking note and turning to its consumer for inspiration.

The biggest threat to designers and consumers, alike, is going to be advertising monopolization. More and more, brands are reaching out to relevant bloggers and/or sending merchandise for consumers to see and experience on blogs. Some brands will pay big bucks for bloggers to participate, while smaller brands may not be able to compete. Additionally, blog readers are looking for authenticity. Bloggers must remember who they are serving first, the consumer. If they lose sight, their authenticity will be challenged. As a result, it may be that giving into to any and all adverts to fill that 3 x 3 spot on their webpage side-column will hurt the blogger. Rather, being aware of who the readers are and what brands inspire them should be considered when selecting adverts.  As the relationship deepens, between fashion bloggers and the industry, this will be interesting to watch how it unfolds.


Ultimately, the designers needs the bloggers’ invites (not the other way around) to attend the fashion shows, along with hand-picked rich-and-famous and the fashion reporters. This industry is a business. Those looks on the runways need to be delivered to the consumer in a multifaceted way, across all levels, to reach them. Vogue’s print magazine isn’t going to cut it, single-handedly, but additionally.


Punk Marketing by Richard Laermer & Mark Simmons. Published by Harpper 2009. Franca Sozzani Trashes Fashion Bloggers, Calls Them “A Disease” “Trash is all around the world”

Suggested Reading:

Punk Marketing by Richard Laermer and Mark Simmons or visit their blog for bad-ass, revolutionary business info!

Franca Sozzani Blog Post: “And Now I’m doing My Blog!”

This article are the sole expressions and opinions of Chelsea Reyes, unless otherwise stated. I have little experience in the fashion industry and business world. However, it is important to note that my raw passion and current observation is why I am moving toward a degree in both, business and design. There is a delicate balance between the new and the old. Much to our dismay, ageism is hurtful. However, a fresh perspective, young or old, will be apart of our success, as we move through the generations to come. – Chelsea Reyes, owner and operator of Lucky Rabbit Shoppe.

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Sheer Ways To Go Sheer Without Showing Off

I am falling in love with delicate sheers. I will admit I scoffed at it before. But I am seeing something new in it. My reservations were personal ones before. Sheer is..well, SHEER! And if it’s not just a suggestion of personal space that I’d rather keep personal, it is completely putting personal space on display. If you are anything like me and not as bold to go sheer in your lipstick red bra and panties, you need not to worry. There is a lot of room for creativity when wearing sheer. And that is what I am finding so intriguing. Don’t throw out the baby with the water on this one!

Sheer Ways Around Showing Off Your Naughty Spots

Layer With Other Sheers to Increase the Opacity
A few layers of different sheers and your sheer look has turned into a semi-solid with an ethereal, romantic feel from the different layered materials. Try layering with lace & crochet knits to add texture while still upping the opacity.

Think of a Sheer as an Overlay
Ever noticed the prettiest packages are ones that are covered in velum or a simple opaque organza? It adds a certain appealing softness. Use sheer clothing in the same way! A mini slip or skirt and over the knee socks would look great on their own. Add a sheer skirt and suddenly you’ve created a soft overlay that add interests and depth. Try leggings and tights to keep you warm in the winter! Don’t forget to play with color.

Stepping Out Without Hanging Out
A cropped top underneath anything sheer would add impact in a similar way that braving with only a bra would without actually having to wear only a bra! Try wearing a lace or solid bodysuit for more coverage.

Play with the idea of mixing different materials for the unexpected. While lots of sheer is soft and feminine, mixing a sheer with a jersey tunic, paired with something like chunky boots would create a more urban look. There is something that draws you in when mixing delicate, feminine fabrics with strong masculine ones. It happens to be my personal style, so don’t mind me as I talk it up…

Most of all
Be bold. Be yourself. Allow your passion to drive you and your personal style.

Here are a few Sheer Crushes…

Vintage 80’s Lace Jacket | THRIFTED.NET

Olive Bohemian Sheer Skirt | THRIFTED.NET

I pulled this image from Thrifted’s blog. I am in love, like  hardcore in-love, with this skirt. (Are those Chinese dragons on the fabric band?) And I love how it is paired with Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita’s. I badly want it! I checked for it on their Ebay store but couldn’t find it. I ended up bidding on a cute crochet bomber cardi, instead. I’ll share with you if I win!

Burgundy Sheer Pleated Dress | fleasonglamrobe

Do check out “fleasonglamrobe.” It is an indie style blog based out of Hong Kong. Her style is feminine, clean, and spot on.

Sheer Series: Vintage Skirt Made Poncho | ProFreshStyle

Sparkle & Fade Sheer Maxi Skirt | Urban Outfitters

Sheer Revive Skirt by Asos | StyleCaster

I don’t think this skirt is available on Asos anymore (booo). But I had to share it. I think it does sweet and edgy perfectly.