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Lucky Rabbit Vintage sells vintage women's clothing online, styled for the modern wardrobe with today's trends in mind. Our style is eclectic, chic, with an edgy twist. The Lucky Rabbit's blog, Style Fuse Diaries, documents all things fashion, vintage, and diy that we all love!

Dear Diary: Overflow

Where do you get your inspiration?

That is the exact question to myself as I move forward with the Lucky Rabbit and this blog. Certainly, there are things that I like, such as trends. But those are not stable, as they ebb and flow. That is no place to be inspired. Inspiration should be discovered deeper from within, and whether or not it catches with the raging waters of current trends is another story.

So where do I get my inspiration?

Sometimes (like right now), I feel that inspiration should come from what sparks an inner-voice or emotion that surprises even you. It is something that you know is there, but you cannot articulate it because the key has yet to be reveal, so it is contained in a space within, as though it were sealed with brick and mortar.

Maybe, time, that includes a series of occurrences, is required to erode away the mortar. I have learned that inspirational sources also come through words that are spoken to you–from within, from friends or family, or from a stranger in passing. I like to believe it is a combination of time and words. For me, personally, my inspirational keys have always been spoken through music. Lyrics and rhythm evokes an emotional response and causes my whispering inner-voice to become louder, and that helps me to discover inspirational truths.

Sometimes, the words in between lines are more powerful than the spoken words, themselves.

For instance, take this song, What the Water Gave Me, by Florence + the Machine. Regardless of the artists own inspiration for this song, the tale that I heard was of strength and power that took letting go (for the Lucky Rabbit, it might be a style direction that doesn’t feel as natural) in order for overflow to happen (whatever that may mean to you).

“Pocket’s full of stones. Lay me down. Let the only sound be the overflow.” –Florence + the Machine




Dear Diary: My Confession

I have a confession to tell you. Sometimes, before I leave to go home, I pause at the door, just before turning off the lights, to visually soak in my studio. It feels like such an accomplishment that I do this almost on impulse. I also, secretly, relish the fact that do not have to share this space with the husband nor our boys. It is a place that I go to flourish and decompress. It is creative space, a quiet and still place, meant for productivity.

I love it so.

I am glad that I get to grow my roots right here in this tiny studio. Years from now, when I look back with the thought of “how did I manage in such a small space?”, I will remind my future-self that there was a time when it seemed like all that I had was a rack full of vintage, a mini fridge (for beer, soy chocolate milk, and ice cream mochi, of course), and a vision of a road without a single map. And while it didn’t seem like much to begin with, it was enough to pave a way. I will be forever thankful for my inner compass that will lead my direction.

ModCloth Blog » Fave Finds: Pamela’s Vintage Blouse

Our sponsor, Market Publique‘s very own founder was featured last Thursday in the ModCloth Blog, wearing, you guessed it, VINTAGE!

Take a look at her lace blouse with studded buttons! I can’t tell you how many times that I find an insanely adorable vintage shirt but HATE the darn buttons or half of them are missing. What a great D.I.Y. twist.

Photos by Grace Hartnett via ModCloth Blog

Photos by Grace Hartnett via ModCloth Blog

Check out Pamela’s feature! She even gives a thrifting tip to help eliminate the need for a dressing room! Read the feature here: ModCloth Blog » Blog Archive » Fave Finds: Pamela’s Vintage Blouse.


 Love Pamela’s Vintage Look?
Here’s what you’ll need to get it!

Styling Tips: keep a neutral color pallet and look for a fuller skirt with heavier fabric. If you D.I.Y, play around with adding studs to your blouse or purse!

1) Vintage Lace Blouse | White Crochet Lace Blouse on Market Publique
2) ASOS Soft Handle Cupro Belted Midi Skirt in Brown | ASOS
3) Aldo Black Satchel | Zappos
3) Daisy D Mary Jane Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell | Sole Struck



Dear Diary: Around the Studio

While cleaning out my computer this week (which is just as tetious as cleaning my room), I came upon some photos of my studio that I had yet to show you. The Lucky Rabbit HQ is rather modest, but has loads of vintage charm (obviously–it’s full of it!).

At the moment, the set-up is entirely functional, no frills nor decor, and definitely no cutsey-anything. (I am trying to sustain under such working conditions! …I kid.) The matter of the fact is that I need 50 more square feet, at least, for a proper desk and other studio equipment, i.e. clothing racks, and, in general, inspiring decor (cutsey things).

Every dime goes back into the Lucky Rabbit, which means not much else is left for the sole-purpose of ‘atmosphere.’ This is turning out to be a growing point for me. I had always considered myself to be someone who needed a great ‘atmosphere,’ consisting of pretty and creative things, in order to thrive and be happy. But in this case, inspiration must only be found from within, despite the white walls, and it must flow out to color the, otherwise, cold, utilitarian space, at least from the heart’s perspective. So for now, I will make this work, without a single complaint, pin in the wall, nor dab of paint.

{fun fact: my favorite color is grey–spelled like that.}


A Look Around the Studio

ANYONE who visits the Lucky Rabbit headquarters gets their choice of vintage cup. (general note: the atomic ones are for adults, while the retro yellow ones are for the kids–just saying.)

Behind the Scenes

Preparing for the Breeze: Fall Transition With Lexi

The Fall transition is tough.  Not in some monumental way, though I’d be hard-pressed not to classify a fashion emergency as an actual emergency.  You spend Spring and Summer stuffing your closet with breezy lightweight pieces, you pull out old favorites from buckets and bins, and you relish in the florals and chiffons. Then, little by little (like you wouldn’t notice), the temperatures drop ever-so-slightly, and you’re standing in a mini skirt with eleven blocks to go until welcoming indoor temperatures, and your skin physically hurts.  Stupid Fall.  Ahem, ‘fashion emergency.’

Don’t stuff your previous lightweight cargo back into those storage bins, just play a little clever mix-and-match.  Without further ado, your Fall fashion staples:

{Clockwise from top left:  Miu Miu Fur Jumper; Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Mini Dress; Madewell Daybreak Cardigan; J Brand Jeans; Payless Women’s Oxford Shoes; H&M Tights}

  • Tights – I could attempt a pun about being tight with my tights, but really, why nerd them up?  Tights are awesome and transition most summer pieces effortlessly – wear them under dresses, skirts, even shorts – so chic.  (Also, check out Chelsea’s recent post on printed tights and their awesomeness).
  • Cardigan – Celebrities love open-knit slubby cardigans.  The cozy cardigan is both oh-so-comfy and perfect for Fall.
  • Fur vest – Go glam with a fur vest this season.  Department stores and boutiques alike carry fabulous faux fur vests and coats – an inexpensive and animal-friendly version; and vintage fur, if you can get it, scores you extra points in the fashion world.
  • Oxfords – This season’s hottest shoe?  The heeled oxford.  Preppy and sleek, these retro-inspired kicks add just the right amount of pop to any outfit and work well with dresses, skirts, the shorts/tights combo, and pants.
  • Denim – It’s doubtful there’s a season where jeans aren’t on trend, but after months of heat exhaustion and the complete lack of desire to pull on denim when the beach is so very close, come home to your favorite skinnies this Fall – because of course, they go with everything.
  • Accessories – I’m a big proponent of spending money on inexpensive accessories.  Clothing styles change with every passing season, and trends can get expensive, but accessories – especially when bought at discount chain stores and on thrifting expeditions – are relatively inexpensive and pack plenty of fashion know-how.  (More on Fall Accessories later …)

♥ Lexi

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Lexi, a lawyer by day, blogger and fashion obsessive by night. In case you missed this week’s earlier post, read my  introduction interview here

Vintage Coalition: Fashion’s Night Out Inspired Collection

Fashion’s Night Out has begun and so has the season for evening wear as we head toward the Holidays (my favorite time of the year!). The Fashion’s Night Out inspired collection launched tonight (6 PM, PST) and will last for the next 10 days at the Vintage Coalition, a vintage pop-up capsule, hosted by Market Publique. (Learn more about the VC here.)

This week Lucky Rabbit Vintage is presenting one of its most prized possessions, a glammed-out cocktail dress, drenched in glitz! It is being offered as a ‘buy now.’ So if you love it, get it before “she” does.

Vintage Glam Blue Cocktail Maxi Gown

Featuring Shimmering Column Cut, Deep Side Slit, & Maximum Sequins in Popular Indigo Blue


Wednesday Want: For The Modernist At Heart

                   via frontdoor.com

If there was a style that I felt was made for me, it would be modern design paired with a sense of glitz and glamour. Simple lines, attention to form and function, mixed with refined natural and man-made materials found in much of Mid Century Modern design feels like it could be my heartbeat fueling my existence. (A bit dramatic? Probably so.)

via twentytwentyone.blogspot.com

When most people think of mid-century, what comes to mind? Often, it’s Danish designs and the use of natural materials, i.e. teaks, cork, and so on. Although the concept was refined overtime, the intent was simple: to infuse organic architecture to create unobtrusive design that would flow, effortlessly, with the environment that it was placed. This began with structures and worked its way toward furniture and so on. However, not all mid-century design was organic, but maintained a minimalist thread with an angst against formalism. Much of what we know as the modern style, today, came from the Bauhaus school, later to be coined as the International style. Interestingly enough, the concepts of Bauhaus was conceived in the early part of the 1900’s, just after Constructivism boomed, following WWI.

Milo Baughman   via deconet.com

Fast forward back to the mid-century era, and you will find one of my first designer crushes, Milo Baughman. He was a later mid-century modern designer,  known for his, at times, imposing proportions, minimalist approach, and use of high-end and exotic materials. While his designs did not always offer the organic shapes of the time, certainly, they paid homage to the greats, such as Meis Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Marcel Breuer, of whom all contributed to solidifying the Bauhaus style in the 20’s and 30’s.


Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe in MR chair (right), designed in ’27. Mies’ Barcelona chair (left), came out shortly afterward.

This week’s Wednesday Want is dedicated to the Modernist at heart.
♥ Lucky Rabbit


Pair of Nickel Plated Armchairs by Milo Baughman

Lucite Rocking Chair designed by Charles Hollis Jones

Mid Century Acrylic Womb Chairs

70’s Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin Cocktail Table

Milo Baughman X Base Chrome Desk

Mid Century Arc Lamp

Gaetano Sciolari Mid Century Modern Chandelier

Gaetano Sciolari Mid Century Glass Rod Swizzle Sticks Chandelier

60s Mid Century Modern Lucite Table Lamp Set

Lucite Modern Regency Table

Saarinen Tulip table + Norman Cherner chairs | Design Within Reach

Mills House 2, Sherwood, Mills and Smith, 1956 | Preservation Nation