Dear Diary: My Confession

I have a confession to tell you. Sometimes, before I leave to go home, I pause at the door, just before turning off the lights, to visually soak in my studio. It feels like such an accomplishment that I do this almost on impulse. I also, secretly, relish the fact that do not have to share this space with the husband nor our boys. It is a place that I go to flourish and decompress. It is creative space, a quiet and still place, meant for productivity.

I love it so.

I am glad that I get to grow my roots right here in this tiny studio. Years from now, when I look back with the thought of “how did I manage in such a small space?”, I will remind my future-self that there was a time when it seemed like all that I had was a rack full of vintage, a mini fridge (for beer, soy chocolate milk, and ice cream mochi, of course), and a vision of a road without a single map. And while it didn’t seem like much to begin with, it was enough to pave a way. I will be forever thankful for my inner compass that will lead my direction.


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