Dear Diary: Around the Studio

While cleaning out my computer this week (which is just as tetious as cleaning my room), I came upon some photos of my studio that I had yet to show you. The Lucky Rabbit HQ is rather modest, but has loads of vintage charm (obviously–it’s full of it!).

At the moment, the set-up is entirely functional, no frills nor decor, and definitely no cutsey-anything. (I am trying to sustain under such working conditions! …I kid.) The matter of the fact is that I need 50 more square feet, at least, for a proper desk and other studio equipment, i.e. clothing racks, and, in general, inspiring decor (cutsey things).

Every dime goes back into the Lucky Rabbit, which means not much else is left for the sole-purpose of ‘atmosphere.’ This is turning out to be a growing point for me. I had always considered myself to be someone who needed a great ‘atmosphere,’ consisting of pretty and creative things, in order to thrive and be happy. But in this case, inspiration must only be found from within, despite the white walls, and it must flow out to color the, otherwise, cold, utilitarian space, at least from the heart’s perspective. So for now, I will make this work, without a single complaint, pin in the wall, nor dab of paint.

{fun fact: my favorite color is grey–spelled like that.}


A Look Around the Studio

ANYONE who visits the Lucky Rabbit headquarters gets their choice of vintage cup. (general note: the atomic ones are for adults, while the retro yellow ones are for the kids–just saying.)

Behind the Scenes


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