Introducing Style Fuse Diaries’ New Co-Blogger, Lexi!

I am VERY pleased to OFFICIALLY announce that we’ve invited a blogger to co-write Style Fuse Diaries. If you follow the shop on Twitter or Facebook, then you’ve probably heard rumors and rumors of rumors about a new blogger.

Style Fuse Diaries is not intended to be a ‘store-only’ blog. Enter the idea of a co-blogger. The purpose is to help provide our readers with a diverse experience.

Last month we put out a call and received many applications. The competition was stiff, but Lexi, blogger for Glitter and Pearls, shined through. This past week, I interviewed her to help us learn all about her!

Lets welcome Lexi!

♥ Lucky Rabbit

Chelsea: Hi, Lexi- About a month ago, you shared your adorable blog with me.  It has a great following. I love what you have done! What inspired you to start writing?

Lexi: I was always a writer, graduated with an English degree, and realized getting a job in Jane Austen studies was going to be tough … so, I went to law school.  As law school wore on, I missed writing.  My blog came from that need to express myself and to get back into writing.  Glitter & Pearls became my baby – seriously, I tear up just talking about her (okay, maybe it’s not that bad.)

Chelsea: How long have you written Glitter and Pearls?

Lexi: Glitter & Pearls is a year and a half old.  I tried with a much more novice blog during law school, but I hardly had time to feed myself, let alone write inspiring content, and so I retired blog numero uno.  With a law career came G&P, and a whole lot of fashion babble!

Chelsea: What do you blog about there and how do you describe your blogging style?

Lexi: My blog goal is to post everything and anything I fall in love with, from gorgeous clothes to impractical shoes, home decor, in the kitchen, DIY and crafts, weddings, even the big scary future.  My style is 2 parts tacky, 2 parts couture (gotta keep those even), and a whole lot of budget-friendly determination … what does that add up to?  Note: math was never my strong point.

Chelsea: I’m so excited to invite you as apart of our team! What unique quality do you plan on offering to Style Fuse Diaries?

Lexi: I really try to connect with my readers and keep it real.  I envy the fashion bloggers who look drop dead gorgeous in haute couture, but I also wear jeans … and flip-flops (gasp!)  I’m a big fan of mixing it up – I’d love to walk around with light-up neon signs:  $3 tights on clearance at Target, polka-dotted triangle bra from Dollar Tree, $295 Balenciaga sunglasses (on sale), Madewell dress on super clearance, Old Navy sweatshirt – victim of my scissors and gussied up with vintage fabric pockets, Joie Travelin Band Booties.

Fun Fact: Lexi Was Recently Married!

Chelsea: What are 5 things that describe you?

Lexi:  books, tights, big dark sunglasses, music, and glitter

Chelsea: Current Fave Blog Reads?

Lexi: This is the toughest question, but if I had to narrow it down to a handful:

Honestly WTF
The Man Repeller
Rock Star Diaries
My Cup of Te
Court + Hudson
Better Off Wed
Steffy’s Pros + Cons
Le Blog De Betty
Free People Blog
SF Girl By Bay
California Closet
Mama’s A Rolling Stone
The Possessionista

Chelsea: When you are not blogging, what can we find you doing?

Lexi: Lately it feels like all I’m ever doing is blogging, but in my precious spare seconds I speed online shop, watch trashy television that high-brow friends make fun of me for, and I cook (and burn myself).

Chelsea: Some will say that there are 6 degrees of separation from everyone on Earth. Are you 6 or less degrees from anyone famous?

Lexi: Yes!  David Duchovny, of X-files and Californication fame, and Adam Duritz, lead singer of the Counting Crows, are both somehow distantly related.  Naturally, the two Jews are my peeps.  Also, the whole Adam Duritz thing poses a bit of a problem.  I love him, and not in a third cousin removed kind of way.  Those dreadlocks get me every time.  (Love you, hubby!)

Chelsea: What is an interesting fact about you?

Lexi: I had cancer this year.  There, I said it (first time on the internet).  Somehow I managed to get myself the “best kind of cancer possible”, whatever that means, and I’m feeling great!  Also, I rocked Juicy Couture tube socks in my surgery – always keep your bling on!

Chelsea: What do you think about buying vintage and fashion (current and past)?

Lexi: I am a huge proponent of vintage fashion.  When it comes to vintage, my love is at a close tie between the amazing finds/deals and the sheer history of it all.  See, it all comes back around = literature nerd.

Chelsea: Are you a thrifter? If so, what was your best score?

Lexi: Best score ever:  vintage white framed Gucci sunglasses with the green and red stripe and gold Gucci symbol on the arms.  I imagined myself a quirky wannabe tennis player … like Luke Wilson’s character in The Royal Tenenbaums, but in girl form.  Also, I lost them in the ocean.  Devastated.

Chelsea: Thank you for sharing all about yourself and your blog, Glitter and Pearls. Is there anything else that you’d like to ad?

Lexi: I am so looking forward to writing with Chelsea and interacting with all of you lovely readers!

Chelsea: Lastly before, you go, what can we look forward to in your first few posts?

Lexi: For starters, I’ll be talking about how to transition your favorite Summer pieces into Fall, and then because we all miss peanut butter sandwiches and nap time, a peak at this season’s most adorable back-to-school backpacks and how to wear them grown-up style!

Chelesa: I love it! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the Style Fuse Diaries. We look forward to reading what you have to say, Lexi!


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