Knit Me Chic Granny

Recently, Vanda Vintage helped me to discover the name of a particular pattern, called Granny Square. Say what? The Granny Square seems pretty simple. Crochet around and around until you have what looks like a square. (I am recalling my grandmother using the individual squares as pot holders or as coasters way back when.) Seems practical. But wait! You can also connect several Granny Squares to create those all to familiar thrift store blankets, or shawls, capes, sweaters or… the possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

At this point, I’m fascinated by this retro crochet trend and decided to Google it. Guess what? Crochet Granny Squares have turned chic, having hit the runway for Fall / Winter collections. I am kind of bummed that I missed this. (But it’s not too late!)

Retro references remained strong, as House of Holland has recreated the granny square into amazing cocktail entire that feels fresh and sophisticated. Yet, there remains that familiar cozy center that the Granny Square offers.

Granny Squares kitsch-chic? Definitely. And we’re on it!
Keep your eye out for these amazing pieces. Or find it vintage.
♥ Lucky Rabbit

House of Holland Fall / Winter 2011 – 12

House of Holland Fall / Winter 2011 – 12


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