Vintage Coalition

The Vintage Coalition just kicked off its 2nd month with Floral Week. Have you heard about the Coalition yet? It is a pop-up, capsule collection of vintage clothing brought to you by amazing sellers from all over the inter-webs, hosted by Market Publique. The Vintage Coalition is unlike anything on the internet.

What will you find? Each week, the Coalition offers a theme for buyers to shop. Most items are listed as auctions with buy it now options. It’s becoming one of the most affordable places to shop a vintage collection with wonderful, quality pieces. Because the Vintage Coalition presents weekly themes, you do not have to worry about keyword searches and sifting through undesired listings. So far, themes that gone through festival, sheer, and rompers. Themes are pre-determined based on seasons and trends, so it’s always relevant to shoppers!
The Vintage Coalition has a list of amazing sellers, both big and small, which also makes it unique. You’ll browse sellers like Rock Paper Vintage, Hold My Gold, Everybody’s Buying Vintage, Lotus Vintage, Trashy Vintage, Sleepwalker LA, Thrifted, Lucky Rabbit, and more. Click here to view the complete Stellar Seller list and links to their fan pages.

Keep UPDATED on upcoming vintage collections, GIVEAWAYS, and more! Fan the Vintage Coalition on Facebook.


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