Official Business

If you follow the Shoppe on Facebook or Twitter, you might have read that we were adding a DSLR camera to our place of business. Thus far, we’ve operated with a point-and-shoot digital camera. I guess it did the job, but its capabilities were limiting, leading to an uncomfortable work environment. I fired the stupid thing w/o notice, even though I had been planning the exit for weeks. Fortunately, we do not yet have an active financial department, so I can harass, mistreat, and replace office equipment, thusly, without feeling guilty, unless it’s printer ink.

I’ve read a lot on operating DSLR’s for many months in advance, but never had actually employed one. Here’s a look at my very first shots!

{It probably says a lot about me that a chose this random fire hydrant for my first picture.}

{I noticed the bushes of flowers afterward.}

{Cross necklace that I was wearing.}

{On the way to the Post Office. (We ship priority mail!)}

{These flowers are actually near death.}

{This camera works miracles!}

{My son scared me with this face. And you’re right, we look nothing alike, but we share DNA and the same (less common) blood type as proof!}

{He’s a bit dramatic.}

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