I Dream of Jeffrey Campbell

It’s true! My desire to get my hands ALL OVER another pair of JC’s shoes has entered my psyche in a bad way. Now it is all I can do but not to dream of them once my head hits the pillow (…unless, I’ve had one cocktails too many that night. But that’s our little secret! Shhh…). Of course, this dream phase was as of 2 days ago and one of those nights I was drinking. Does that count?

For a year now, I’ve been wavering between the Foxy & Lita platform shoe styles. The thifter in me has been waiting for the perfect sale or clearance. It ain’t gonna happen. Jeffrey Campbell has become entirely iconic, resulting in SOLD OUT shoe styles on limited stock. Sometimes, it’s within weeks of release! During my year-looong-wait, I SCA-ORED lace-up Ram woods. I love them dearly and so does everyone else (ow, is that a JC-size chip on my shoulder? Uh-YEAH!) The biggest drawback about the Rams is that I can’t wear them as often because they are style specific, which is why I’m dying for the Foxy AND/or Lita… I just can’t make my mind up on which, now that I’ve come to terms that I won’t be finding them on sale anytime soon.

:::A Few of My Favorites:::

via Jeffrey Campbell

via Lady Doshka

via Hip Girlie

via Nasty Gal

via Jeffrey Campbell

via From Sydney 2 Fuhzou

What was my JC dream??

I FINALLY did it! I wistfully dreamt that I had ordered Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas in black leather from Solestruck.com (so many style choices, I decided to go super basic for my first). I can’t explain to you how excited I was over my dreamed-about-purchase. It was comparable to giving birth to a new baby, which could be a result of my dreaming state. I really had no idea how much I have fallen over his shoes. But I digress. A day or so later, my new Lita’s had arrived in the mail! I opened the box … And … AND … I got the wrong shoe by mistake. My dream heart draa-oped! Instead, I mis-ordered a (made-up) wedge version of the Lita that featured a wooden lower, narrower wedge heel. I couldn’t hide my discontent over ordering the wrong shoe. But I tried to get over that initial disappointment and began to appreciate what I did have, knowing that my next shoe would still be the Lita in black leather.

What a silly dream, right? I guess peeping Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes, nearly everyday on blogs & Facebook updates, has really worked a number on me!

:::But WAIT! YOU can HELP!::: 

All purchases from the Lucky Rabbit Shoppe will go toward this year-long goal since the man said he won’t buy them for me! (what is a stay-at-home-mama to do?) I will greatly appreciate your contribution toward purchasing my first pair of Litas or Foxy shoes! So DON’T FORGET to check out our affordable, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces! Get many items under $30, plus combined shipping!

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