Valentine’s Around The World

Happy LUV DAY!

With all the talk about Valentine’s Day, it took until 9 PM last night to realize that TODAY is actually Valentine’s Day. (Somebody, give me a calendar!) Fortunately, my boys and I started our handcrafted Valentine cards on Saturday, but they still needed to be mounted on cardstock and signed! So they stayed up until 10 last night, signing away. Poor boys! Imagine if I sent them to school without Valentine cards and no red shirt??! (Phew, that was close.)

I woke up this morning and hit to see V-day outfit posts across the world. It’s only 10 am, so they’ll be tons more later on. Here are my favs so far.

V-day Streetstyled

A Casual Day in the Office


Valentine’s Apathy
{This is how I truly feel about Love Day.}

The Date

How did you dress up or down for today? I have my Monday night biz. class tonight, so I will be doing no celebrating with the man, and therefore, didn’t even consider what I would be wearing today. I showed up unprepared and lack red in my wardrobe. Time to search some out! Red is such an awesome color and does amazing things to the complexion (if you’re wearing the right hue). Don’t you think? Happy Valentines!

(click images for source)


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