Bow Tie & DIY Lust

I have been dying to execute some DIY of my own. I’m feeling a bit dry and have been stalking other blogs, drooling over their projects. I have this lovely silver-leaf branch candle holder that I’ve been wanting to share. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day right now … trust me when I say it’s gorgeous. I’ll get to it in a few months.

I decided to go through my Etsy “hearts” to see what has inspired me. Turns out, I have a thing for bow ties. I had no clue. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hearting bow ties like crazy and taking note when I see them on the Net. So I got me an idea. Sure it’s been done. But this one will be mine from my own hands!

The Search for the Perfect Tie

Is it just me or do you guys feel like shopping online is overwhelming? There is soooo much to be had. Options are endless, and I like perfection. So I’ll endlessly search, never settling, thinking that if this one is nice, nicer is out there!

Word to the wise, nip OCD in the bud.

Here’s What I’m Thinking





(Not There)

With Chain Attached – Extra Long For Me
(it’s how I roll)

Will Give Me Something Like This
Bow Tie Necklace


I’m excited to play around with the idea. I’m not sure these bow ties are perfection. I will search more, probably red-eye early into the morns. I’ll post pics in the weeks to come!


(click images for source)


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