Making The Home Romantic: Valentine DIY Ideas

It’s February 1! If you’re anything like me, you have special candles and home decor to pull out from the closet just for such an occasion. The month of February symbolizes love. It’s a time for giving and receiving. But it also means paying attention to special details to strike such a mood.

I stumbled upon these cool DIY projects that are perfect to tackle this month.

3-Dimensional Hearts Garland

I should probably tell you now, I can’t stand kitsch. But there are times when it’s appropriate if done well. This particular DIY struck me just so. It’s darling!
It will cost you in the $30 range, depending on your fabrics. But its worth the many years this will have!
(click for DIY)

Architectural Wine Glass Chandelier

Have extra wine glasses or know of a bargain? With a few inexpensive  items, such as cable and Plexiglas rounds, you will have a show stopping wine glass chandelier, designed by a Swiss architect student.
(click for DIY.)

Champagne & Wine Bottle Hurricanes

I love, love this idea if you can get a hold of a tile cutter or know someone who can.  It makes a statement and can be used on any special occasion or integrate into your home decor.
*tip: cluster 5 bottles of different sizes & shapes for impact
(click here to DIY)

Romantic Center Pieces

Don’t have green thumb? Succulents have virtually little upkeep. Try thrifting interesting vintage goblets or kitschy brass wear to nestle them into.
(click here to get inspired)

Valentine Lightbulb

Gift a gift of quirky love OR keep it for yourself. (It would look great on your desk!) I pulled this from Design Sponge. The Valentine DIY project is under $10 and take about 1 hour. So what’s stopping you?
(click to DIY.)

Valentine Wreath

I searched hi-and-low for the perfect Valentine Wreath, or one that that would be perfect for the season. Alas, nothing turned up. Know of one? Please send pics or links. I’d love to check it out.

Have a fabulous February One!

4 thoughts on “Making The Home Romantic: Valentine DIY Ideas

  1. Thank you!! Love the idea, and I’m desperate to try it out.

    I must confess that during this blog my son dropped a wine glass (mine from last night) onto his foot by mistake. I hope all typos are fixed. It was quite the drama this morning. I almost passed out from it all.

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