My Big Secret

Until recently, I never would have called myself “preppy.” IN FACT, that word, along with “trendy,” were big no-no’s in high school. That never really changed anything. I realize that I just avoided the terms all together and re-defined what I thought my look was. (This is, of course, excluding the period of time when I traipsed around town only wearing thrifted bell bottoms and no shoes and the time I turned gothic.) But guess what? Now that I am 27 and free of high school politics, I can admit that deep-down inside I am a prep (with bad-ass leanings if we need to get technical).

So it pleases me to say that I don’t have to be in the prep closet any longer. I am a Thom Dolan admirer, and his looks are titillating.

This spring, the designer has created preppy Americana style, using an almost expected color palate mixed with special details and materials like silk that are popped by an intense fuchsia hue. What Dolan brings to the table is polished and wonderfully wearable looks that can be fused with your unique style.

Since I do consider myself a hybrid prep, I’d love to get my hands on some of these looks and give them an edgy vibe!

(click images for source)

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