Seeking Inspiration

I am trying to commit myself to read more fashion blogs each week. I am a (shy) extrovert. So tend to receive my inspiration from others. Sometimes, inspiration is in the form of a texture, color, or look. Other times, it’s an item that I want to replicate via D.I.Y or just admire from afar. Not all blogs are alike, but many are identical. Sifting through them to find the one, that suits me, is a task! And still, I forget many. (How ’bout you? Do you have a favorite blog? Please share.)

My Commitment to Myself… Get Organized!

I am concentrating on not cluttering my computer with random, unorganized junk as a tribute to my (new-to-me) Mac that I received as a Christmas present to myself. ; ) This also means that I am bookmarking the blogs that I like so that I can access them easily in organized folders and sub-folders. I’ve subscribed to a Google reader once before, but it always seemed to leave special micro-blog posts in the dust because of over crowding from those very active brand blogs. I was always 200 blogs posts behind only after a few days! (Hello? Nuts!)


Now that I’m on this kick, I mean, new promise to myself, I’ve discovered new inspiration through outfit posts and style blogs that help to fulfill me, creatively. I’ve cataloged this week’s stumbles to share with you. I hope they also inspire you.

Paupers Bounty "forget me knot"
inspired by:
not to forget the details
(so this is not from an actual blog...
but inspirational, indeed.)
A Beautiful Mess "styling tip..."
inspired by:
not wearing scarves as a turban or purse accessory
springy color

Bleu Bird Vintage "what i wore" 
inspired by:
cohesive look
vintage coat
jeffery campbell t-strap shoes

Stockholm Street Style "street style: manuel" inspired by: contrasting style elements
Smashing Darling "indie fashion finds..."

inspired by:
juxtaposition of raw against polished
Fashion Toast "moments"
inspired by:
whimsical textures
(click for credit)

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