February Flirtation

Only moments away, February is a month of romantics, discovering if he’s or she’s your sweetheart (or not), and flirtation. Why not let it be that for fashion? That’s what I thought when I found this black and white cropped pant, affectionately named “Sweetheart Pants.” I quickly put them in the shoppe! See the listing here. Because of the ultra-wide leg, this pant almost looks like a skirt. Do you like?

Want to gift them to a special someone? Contact me about gift wrapping options.
(email: LuckyRabbitShoppe@att.net)

How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Have you thought about what you’ll be wearing?

I go back and forth over this (so-called) Day of Love. Showing love, for me, happens in the smaller moments, and I tend to be “anti” and against-the-grain. But, alas, Valentine’s Day has grown on me. Perhaps, it’s because I like to play dress up and get to pull out my favorite fancy-shmancy dress.

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