European Countryside – Spring 2011 Colours

Spring feels like it’s here in Northern California! (It always happens this time of year in Winter.) One day we’re in shorts, the next we’ll be in galoshes, followed by tanks and cardigans with big hats. But soon, the days will have that perfect amount of warmth against the skin and the air will be filled with fresh, earthy scents of the season.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year for fashion. Like Autumn, it is a time for layering and removing and adding garments through out the day. Outfits are ever changing and that fulfills the young girl locked away inside of me. (Perhaps, this a topic for a therapist.)

Lucky Rabbit Spring 2011 Colour Picks

Tangerine, Wisps of Blue, Celery & Soft Olive Green, Mustard, Plum/Violet, Pink-Beige Hues, Ivory, Subtle Greys, & Cognac Brown

The Lucky Rabbit is transitioning into Spring. So get ready! This season the shoppe has a subtle Euro vibe, inspired by colours that you might find on the Italian or French countryside that have been faded and sun-drenched overtime. So naturally, our picks for SS ’11 are both soft and saturated earthy, garden tones that appear antiqued by neutral greys and pale beige. Textures will be important to this Spring’s colours. Mixing delicate laces and patterns, soft or bold, with this pallet will create an interesting vibe of flirtation and reinforce the femininity of the selection.

Most importantly, have fun and play with this colour pallet! I’m super excited to do so myself!

Spring ’11 Seasonal Inspiration

(scroll over images to see source)

Thanks for visiting. I’ll keep you posted to new spring products that will be coming to the Lucky Rabbit Shoppe. Hope you liked this post!

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