A Fresh Re-Start

I am a crazy mother of three.

Lemme rephrase. I am a mother of the crazy three… all boys. I am also a college student (as of recent), a wife, and online retail shoppe owner. There are 127 pounds of me to spread into several different, yet very important, roles. It’s a lot to maintain and can be overwhelming. This isn’t my complaint, but, as I am discovering, juggling all roles, especially while developing a grass-roots business, has a definite learning curve. (Stay tuned for my next guide-book: How to be a Stay-at-home Mom, Retail Mogul, and Decent Blogger, While Not Forgetting Your Husband, A.K.A. the Real Bread Winner?)

My vintage shoppe is my escape. I love it. It is where I can be creative, logical, and exercise critical thinking brain cells, lest they fizzle unbeknownst to me. Running the shoppe also provides the perfect cover when people ask what I do for a living. (I guess being a stay-at-home mama just doesn’t cut it as a career.)

Lately, I have felt lackluster over the Lucky Rabbit. And that was driving me insane! I wanted it to be something that it is not (at least not today). I love street style, vintage, and in-your-face-edgy photos. This was my vision for Lucky Rabbit. But I just couldn’t get it together. The more I tried to transition into my ultimate vision, the more it seemed inauthentic, forced, and premature. As work related stress ballooned, the easier it was to focus on my other roles.

I am not ready to give up on the Lucky Rabbit!

While sharing a few cocktails last week, a good friend of mine and fellow online retailer, Nickie Frye, reminded me how she started with a digital point-and-shoot camera, 10-second timer, and photo-shoots just a few steps outside of her home. It wasn’t the glamour that I wanted. A perfectionist by nature, I want to obtain the ultimate–immediately. Regrettably, this is why the efforts for my climatic vision lost authenticity, seemed forced, and was premature. I forgot about the importance of the journey when developing a brand and conceptualizing from prelude through encore. Traveling this journey (the trip I tried to avoid) is key to creating a strong sense of integrity for any brand.

A fresh re-start…

Changes to the Lucky Rabbit:

1) We’re ditching the studio background (for now).

2) Stepping outside. (They say fresh air is good for the soul.. or do they? Well, it is!)

3) Authenticity or Bust! (So the Lucky Rabbit isn’t street style, but that doesn’t mean we don’t bring it!)

4) Back to my roots (Femininity, I just can’t escape you, and it’s part of my brand. Ignoring it will be like ignoring chocolate. If it is not indulged, it will inevitably become crusty AND still be exactly where you left it.)

5) Utilizing what I DO have while moving forward.

The list goes on. But I’ll leave that to the imagination. Hang tight. More to come.


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