Sheer Ways To Go Sheer Without Showing Off

I am falling in love with delicate sheers. I will admit I scoffed at it before. But I am seeing something new in it. My reservations were personal ones before. Sheer is..well, SHEER! And if it’s not just a suggestion of personal space that I’d rather keep personal, it is completely putting personal space on display. If you are anything like me and not as bold to go sheer in your lipstick red bra and panties, you need not to worry. There is a lot of room for creativity when wearing sheer. And that is what I am finding so intriguing. Don’t throw out the baby with the water on this one!

Sheer Ways Around Showing Off Your Naughty Spots

Layer With Other Sheers to Increase the Opacity
A few layers of different sheers and your sheer look has turned into a semi-solid with an ethereal, romantic feel from the different layered materials. Try layering with lace & crochet knits to add texture while still upping the opacity.

Think of a Sheer as an Overlay
Ever noticed the prettiest packages are ones that are covered in velum or a simple opaque organza? It adds a certain appealing softness. Use sheer clothing in the same way! A mini slip or skirt and over the knee socks would look great on their own. Add a sheer skirt and suddenly you’ve created a soft overlay that add interests and depth. Try leggings and tights to keep you warm in the winter! Don’t forget to play with color.

Stepping Out Without Hanging Out
A cropped top underneath anything sheer would add impact in a similar way that braving with only a bra would without actually having to wear only a bra! Try wearing a lace or solid bodysuit for more coverage.

Play with the idea of mixing different materials for the unexpected. While lots of sheer is soft and feminine, mixing a sheer with a jersey tunic, paired with something like chunky boots would create a more urban look. There is something that draws you in when mixing delicate, feminine fabrics with strong masculine ones. It happens to be my personal style, so don’t mind me as I talk it up…

Most of all
Be bold. Be yourself. Allow your passion to drive you and your personal style.

Here are a few Sheer Crushes…

Vintage 80’s Lace Jacket | THRIFTED.NET

Olive Bohemian Sheer Skirt | THRIFTED.NET

I pulled this image from Thrifted’s blog. I am in love, like  hardcore in-love, with this skirt. (Are those Chinese dragons on the fabric band?) And I love how it is paired with Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita’s. I badly want it! I checked for it on their Ebay store but couldn’t find it. I ended up bidding on a cute crochet bomber cardi, instead. I’ll share with you if I win!

Burgundy Sheer Pleated Dress | fleasonglamrobe

Do check out “fleasonglamrobe.” It is an indie style blog based out of Hong Kong. Her style is feminine, clean, and spot on.

Sheer Series: Vintage Skirt Made Poncho | ProFreshStyle

Sparkle & Fade Sheer Maxi Skirt | Urban Outfitters

Sheer Revive Skirt by Asos | StyleCaster

I don’t think this skirt is available on Asos anymore (booo). But I had to share it. I think it does sweet and edgy perfectly.


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