Flat Out Inspiration

I am in desperate need of flats. Actually, it turns out I don’t have any. (How did that happen??) My feet grew when I was pregnant with my last son. I am obsessed with heels and lose focus of practicalities like taking my boys to the park and walking in sand! Enough about that. Time for shopping by what inspires me!

Flat Out Inspiration

Inspiration: Delicate, Sheer, Feminine
Translation: Vera Wang Lavender Label  Lillian Ballet Flats in White (Gold)

[image source: new york girl style, fashionfame, shopbob]

Inspiration: Rugged, Vintage, Menswear
Translation: Zara’s Blucher Ankle Boot & Mens Moccasin

[image source: zara, jockey journal, unknown armani ad campaign]

Inspiration: Buff, Versatile, Americana
Translation: Piperlime’s Bronx Heather Bee

[image source: piperlime, zoomzoom magazine, flickr by ben ]

Inspiration: Casual, Coffee, & Friends
Translation: Solestruck’s Kelsi Dagger Nobel in Navy & Clarks Cute Bar

[image source: solestruck, photografiti, roxlibteenprog ]






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