Confession: Fashion Journey [Part I]

The Gallery

Confessions of a Thrifter is a work in-progress like I am a work in-progress and, even more, like my wardrobe is a work in-progress.  I think I’ve said it too much, but I’ll say it again: the economy has crapped on me and I on it (excuse the term). This financial blockade has forced determination and set forth a fashion journey that is becoming my life.

Vintage is a lot of what I know because of  growing up in my parent’s pin-up art gallery. But as I approached my mid-20’s, I didn’t want to look ‘pin-up’ anymore.  So out went the platinum-colored, graduated bob (eh’em… which became so popular only months after growing and coloring it). Soon, I also weeded out the rockabilly-meets-hipster-while-trolling-through-Hot-Topic clothing. I stopped wearing my husband’s chains from high school and removed some piercings, only to find myself  in some kind of Marshall’s play-it-safe style rut, featuring every color of cardigan (YAWN!).

[Think Too Much Days]

A Very Pregnant & Boring Me

Frankly, I prefer the awkward stares of people my age, as oppose to the consistent outfit compliments from women in their 60’s at church (although, I love their tenderness). My wardrobe had hit a 911-emergency status. Coincidentally or not, it was emerging at the same period of one’s 20’s when we are indecisive, having not a  clue where we stand on any issue. The only consistency was that I, intentionally, opposed the popular view in college to provide an alternate point to the discussion (even if I didn’t agree) and off-the-cuff, outlandish remarks were not foreign to my repertoire. (WHOA, sorry for the tangent!)

As I discovered the confidence to be myself, without apology, I realized I had a unique opportunity to consider where I was going with my look, since it had seem to be emerging simultaneously with ‘discovering myself.’ I made the decision to allow my passion for design show forth. I hit the Internet for inspiration, observing, reading, scrutinizing what I liked and didn’t like and WHY. The only next step was going out and developing a fashion sense by finding ways around economy woes.

(BTW, that is me on the left, super pregnant and in entirely boring attire.)

Here’s a look that I thrifted over this year. I’ve paired it with a pair of CK sunglasses & Hilfiger Tie Wedges that I picked up at Marshall’s in different seasons. I am also wearing a corset under my sheer blouse that I purchased from Victoria Secret YEARS ago. Everything else, is from the endless racks of clothing vomit. The thrifted Italian pants and high-end bag are my favorite pieces in this outfit. I can’t ignore the knit lace vest. I’ve been wearing it with everything. It adds great texture and soothes any harsh fabric that I might have on like leather.

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