A Fresh Preview

A typical day for me begins with my “checks”–internet checks. While the kids are getting dressed or eating breakfast before school, I jump on the Sony Vaio to check my Etsy sales, incoming email, Facebook, etc. This morning started all the same UNTIL my computer wouldn’t boot. My ac adapter pretty much went to crap. I left for Kinko’s after the kids went to school to do nothing else but my “checks.” Glad I did. I had a great big multi-order that demanded attention.

The rest of my day consisted of a well baby doctor visit with my littlest one. While he was drowsy on shoots, we made a pit stop for some thrift afterward. I scored a great big pile that will hit the shoppe over the next week and a half. I even nabbed myself a spectacular lace dress. I’ll need to rummage for a slip though. I don’t want to show up at church with my knickers on display, even if they’re matching fire red, despite what the fashion magazines tell me.

Here’s a fresh preview of items that are getting processed for listing. [Click on images to enlarge for details!]

Visit the shoppe for availability. Or “Like” the Lucky Rabbit Shoppe’s Facebook fan page for exclusive coupons and updates.


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