New Favorite: Spotted Moth

I was trolling Orchid Grey, an outfit-post blog, when I noted the new sponsors for November. My favorite (of whom I don’t know) is Spotted Moth who makes this beauty: a faux fur, feathery-ish collar that I am desperate to get my hands on! It’s divine AND looks absolutely cozy… If I wasn’t so broke right now, this would be an instant purchase! (sigh)

Howl Cowl Scarf

After falling in love with the whimsical collar scarf, I scrolled around on Spotted Moth and found a few more affordable interests that have my heart beating…

Lumberjack Bootie

(I really like these booties (probably) because they kind of remind me of Jeffrey Campbell’s booties, affectionately deemed as, “WRECKER” !!! They are all kinds of hardcore that I’m willing to take.)


Jeffrey Campbell Wrecker Buckled Ankle Boots $211.00

I also discovered an Arts & Craft Bag –SOLD OUT– (boooo) & Salem Cropped Jacket. If you visit Spotted Moth, don’t forget to click on their accessory section. There are some beautiful and affordable handmade pieces to check out.


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