80s Pin-up Pumps

If there were a Peeping Tom outside of my window, he or she would have probably observed me in an odd pretzel-like shape on the floor, desperately trying not to shake as I tightened my abs with legs posed and arms high in the air, during a photo shoot.

I do not ‘dooo’ yoga, so this was a particular physical challenge. I am runner and have little flexibility. But I am a tough boss and insisted that the angel of the photo be different from my subject (me), hence the ungodly pretzel position. (Must get the mostPause. Breathe ininteresting hooold ITphotos! 30 second break. Repeat.)

The demands of both photographer and model, all-in-one, can be quite taxing, especially without a tripod (note to self).

The reason for this shoot was to champion a photo re-take of gorgeous, glossy black Jazz pumps that have not sold at the Etsy shoppe and surprisingly so. The condition is right. They are unique and have a stunning look to them. They were manufactured in Spain in the 80’s and hardly look worn. I tried several price points, both high and low, but to no avail. I finally pinned the problem to uninteresting photos, (again) hence the pretzel configuration. The original photo takes of these heels were not bad. But they didn’t draw in the right kind of attention. Let us hope that changes.

(My hard work paid off…even though my abs are still sore.)

Here are a few more sexy, vintage pumps that I found parusing Etsy & the Internet.

Red Aldo Stilettos by KittydirtVintage

80’s J. Rene Yellow Snakeskin Pumps by MySweetiePiePie

Vintage 80’s Plum Proxy Pumps by RaleighVintage

80’s Cheetah Pumps (found on Flickr)

Alexander Mcqueen 80’s Inspired Geometric Pump


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