Foggy Days Are Here to Stay

It has been raining on and off for the last few weeks. It has kept me off the street (a.k.a. my treadmill).  Now that it is Autumn, we can expect the days to turn grey until the spring. The sun will appear here and there but only with frigged temperatures that keep Californians, like myself, complaining all season.

Fall is a time of transition between summer and winter. It’s perfect for layering clothes from all seasons. Your fashion  creativity is taken to new levels without as much weather worry, making for eye-catching fashion choices that will, otherwise, be covered by a coat, come winter, or left to hang in the closet, during the warmer months.

Today, I wore a thrifted Summer tank, motorcycle jacket, and thick knitted scarf to keep warm. I, actually, had the scarf listed in my shoppe last Spring. It even made it to front page Etsy. But alas, nobody picked it up. I retired it, and now it’s in my closet. I love the look of the yellow 70s scarf to break-up the hard-edge that my go-to jacket puts out. I accessorized with a thrifted vintage Newsboy hat  (a killer find) and a chain & faux pearl necklace from my shoppe (sorry, it didn’t show up well in pics). I am also wearing leopard print spiked platforms to add texture and height.

What is your favorite fashion item to set-off your look?

Gap Jeans from A Millennium Ago [10]
Thrifted Tank by Coin 1804 [3.50]
Biker Jacket – Marshall’s Last Year [34]
Thrifted Vintage Yellow Knit Scarf [2.50]
Spiked Platforms by Carlos Santa [30]
Thrifted Vintage Newsboy Hat [5.50]
Chain & Faux Pearl Necklace – Lucky Rabbit Shoppe [18]


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