New Staff

Yesterday was a productive day! I had my personal 8-year-old camera guy help me shoot & my 6-year-old helped me thrift. The camera guy was excited to press the button while I balanced on a 4 inch thick wall with gusting winds and sun in my eyes. My personal shopper saw items that I didn’t notice. He has an eye for interesting patterns and the advantage of a unique (down-low) perspective. We definitely had an ‘up’ on the few hipster guys thrifting the women’s section and the crazy women hounding the new stock bins!  The toddler stuck around for all of this. His job was to keep things light, while challenging us to ‘work efficiently.’ My personal shopper is my new lucky charm & the camera guy had a great first round!

Here’s a look at a purse that will be new in the shoppe today! It’s incredible vintage: double straps, glossy finish, two-tone tan leather-like material (Go vegans!), and lots of interior dividers to organize. This is PERFECT for fall and winter. Is it a bold statement? Nope. Even better! It is one of those vintage fashion pieces that will go with just about anything. Love that!

(Sorry about all the angry faces. It was sooo bright!)

Stop By the Etsy Shoppe & See the Listing!

Thanks for looking. I have a busy day ahead! Later I will be shipping a MASSIVE lamp that sold in the shoppe. But first, this morning I’m attending MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers. It’s a group of women who are not my age, but we all have young children, hence the name. We share and discuss. A speaker is brought in to talk about a topic related to our life status as mothers and women. Did I mention that I’m the audio/video coordinator? Yep. It’s pretty fun.


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