Wednesday Want

Exciting news! The man got a raise, a nice raise at that! It’s been pretty bone dry around here since the economy took a dive. Increased pay & bonuses went ice-cold; we had our 3rd baby, and I left work.  Most of my recreational purchases (clothing included) have been from thrift stores.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not planning on big spending  just yet, and I will never abandoned the thrift store–EVER! However, I welcome the variety and opportunities to shop elsewhere. Here is a collection of things that I’m planning to get as soon as the $$ starts rolling! (Confession: more like over the next 6 – 8 months.)

Vintage Paul Paris Bowler Derby Hat| Laboheme

First and foremost: The man has requested a Bowler Derby Hat. This one suits the bill! I think he deserves it for all of his hard architecture and historic preservation work. It will fit him & his career perfectly.

Lilac Bowler | The FAD PopUp Shop

I’d love to get a matching hat! But will the man approve of us walking down the streets of SF, hand-in-hand, wearing coordinating vintage bowler hats?

This lilac version is pretty sweet. Could I pull it off? (A little further from my edgy desires.)

Vintage Straw Bowler Hat | 10th Avenue East

This one might fly under the man’s radar of bowler hats.

Industry Wooden Wedge Lace Up Bootie | 80’s Purple

I’ve been very patient waiting for a nice pair of new shoes–VERY patient.  It’s been like a year or so.

Crochet Lace Waistcoat Vest| Persaphone Vintage

I’ve got to have something like this! Certainly, a must.

Dolce & Gabbana Festival Goldtone Bracelet Watch | Macy’s

I do not own a wearable watch. Here’s where I’ll start!

iPhone 4 From Apple

If the bad frequency reviews resolve for the current iPhone 4, I am jumping on that bandwagon or whichever iPhone bandwagon that will be in the next 6 months.

J Brand Jeans – Houliham Slim Cargo Pant | Bergdorf Goodman

It’s time for new pants! I’ve lost most of my baby weight. In another month or two, I’d love a nice pair of casual cargos I can dress up or down.

Check back next Wednesday for more Wantable Wears!


Perforated leather wooden wedge bootie.

sku: industry_sls1092ib_blk locator:

$190 Now 30% off $133.00

40 39 36 37 38



finished shopping?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Want

  1. Super hot choices! Thank you for letting my hat be apart of the beauty!! Oh and save me a seat on the wagon, I heard Iphones comin to verizon in jan so I too have 6 months to save my pennies:)

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