I am not my mom; I just wear what she wore.

“OH MY GOSH,” my mom would overly enthusiastically shrill, “we wore this in the 70’s!” Then I would shrivel into my inner existence, annoyed that my mom drew a parallel between her unknown universe and my fashion statements (against all!). I dreaded hearing those words in middle and high school. They seemed to repeat on a regular basis and, sometimes, in front of my friends. (Gasp!)

My mom was the type that didn’t leave the house without make-up. Her hair was always blown out and curled, and her nails were freshly manicured. In the 80’s, she wore Dior suits and leotards, in the 90’s, plaid menswear button-ups and acid wash mom jeans. Now that I’m all grown, an always done-up look seems unobtainable. I am a mother of three boys (7 and under).  (And still, somehow, I’ve been deemed high-maintenance by friends.) I have recently started re-painting my finger nails after exchanging personal guilt because I cannot re-paint them every 5 days with a grunge, chippy look. It seems to co-exist nicely with my personality and current life status and fashion sense.

My old, well kept thrifted dark denim bells with mustard yellow stitching was what separated me from others and especially, from my mom (or so I thought). Turns out she was right! I quickly realized fashion goes around and around. Reinterpretations of a former styles will always be celebrated. Eventually, I had to admit to myself – my thrifted jeans were from my mom’s 70’s universe. Today, you can find me wearing oversized button ups and menswear, just as my mom wore in the 90’s, and I’m sure much of what I like from the 70’s and 80’s, my mom did too.

Mom’s Picks:

At the Shoppe

Twiggy French Lace Ups  – Size 7 1/2

Retro Bohemian Tent Dress

Vintage Kenneth Cole Crossover Pouch

Ann Marino Peep Toe Platforms – Size 7

Rustic Cork Studded Box

Long String Faux Pearl Necklace

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