Say, Say Oh Playmate…


…Come out and play with me. Remember that tune when you were a kid? One of my favs growing up, along with fresh cut grass, lawn mowing bubble blowers, wagons, and playsuits! Back then, playsuits were synonymous to summer, playing outdoors, and carefree happiness. While reminiscing over those times, I asked my mom, who tight-fists all of our past photos, for a copy of me wearing a playsuit. She sent me one at Christmas, wearing pajamas. “No, mom,” I replied, “you know what I’m talking about, shorts, bubble bottoms, bib front…” I eventually received a photo of us at ……some type of airplane hangar(?), obviously not wearing playsuits but overalls, instead. My mom and little sister on the left are rocking some type of mid 80’s mullets, that my mom insists was not a mullet and somehow “natural.” And yet, she mocked me for the scrunchy face I was making. Obviously, I was embarrassed to be seen with preppy glam rocker and baby redneck. (BTW, I, essentially, have the same hair cut (different color). Thank you 80’s inspiration!)

Still reminiscent of those times, I browsed the internet looking for that special playsuit that I’ve got to have this summer. Here are a few that I found.


Vintage Kina Jungle Romper

I am stepping out of the box with this one from Bleubird Vintage ($68). Bold patterns and rich colors, like in this playsuit, look gorgeous, but yet, I have this overwhelming obsession with a clean lines, structure, with  only accents of bold statements. With that said, this goes on the list!

[Side note: this is my fav. Bleubird model. Love her look.]

Floral Print Chiffon Playsuit

Modern floral print shorts playsuit, perfect for those days you don’t feel great and want to hide the tummy. Affordable at $42. New from

1940’s Style Stop Staring Rio Denim Playsuit

Insanely adorable playsuit from Unique Vintage ($134). If you’ve read my blog post, The Hunt for Denim Applique, you’d know I am not a huge denim fan. Herein lies an exception.

(Much Closer Mom!)

Not matter how silkie or “grown-up” looking you might find them today, playsuits will always offer a carefree attitude that I want to hold onto forever. That’s why I love them so!


2 thoughts on “Say, Say Oh Playmate…

    • I do love that one too. (It’s hard to find nice playsuits on the net, I discovered.) That one might not be too hard to slide down, being strapless. But I know what ya mean. I lived in them in the 80’s. My mom always had to re-tie my shoulder straps afterward and the elastic on the legs dug. HA!

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