Wednesday Want

Do you ever wake up and think – “I want to look good, but I’m too lazy to do anything?” This was my exact sentiment this morning. Per my mood, I’ve decided to kick-off my first-ever edition of Wednesday Want with an effortless, forget-the-fuss look that doesn’t require much thought.

Vintage Short & Tank Romper

This romper ($42) oozes classy laze and effortless style. (Come on!) It’s shorts & a tank sewn together, so you only have to worry about 1 item of clothing. The ultimate do-nothing style.

(DeerHeartVintage on Etsy offers a lot of effortless style. A definite shop to check out!)

Franco Sarto Ankle Boots

On days like these, I don’t bother with heels. Menswear is always right.

(Simple & comfortable from the Lucky Rabbit Shoppe)

H & M Denim Band Jacket

I often feel the need to have structure–in ALL areas of life. This H&M band jacket ($49.95) fills my void.

(Here’s a similar look that I created using H&M’s Fashion Studio widget.)

Image Courtesy of Fashion Studio

H & M Denim Band Jacket - Courtesy of

This concludes this week’s Wednesday Want. Check back next week for another want-able look!

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