Street Cred.

Retailers are releasing their wave of vintage-inspired fashion with a wink and a nudge. Indie Street fashion blogs are on the rise. And the fashion industry is taking their cues from us. Have you seen the Fall Preview for Urban Outfitters yet? The sneak peek offers a look that could easily be the images stored on any Street follower’s iPhone. Their new looks appear to be the looks we have evolved, and I’m not just talking clothes here. But is it really that clear-cut?

The underground Street fashion world has always been inspired by the styles of fashion designers, music, and culture. Likewise, designers have injected their own inspiration from the looks of underground Street. Some may call it a fashion circle of influence. But I imagine it as a figure-eight dance between the two worlds, a romantic exchange that sets the tone for how the masses will wear clothes.

The resourceful mentality of underground fashion has recently exploded into mainstream. The industry has duly noted. According to The Journal, in 2009, Street fashion had become a multi-million dollar industry. The wave of progression has finally hit the shores. So much of what we will see in stores for 2010/11 will resemble the ideas and styles of Street fashion and its passion for recycling the past. It is almost as if the influential mores and opinions behind Street fashion have tipped the scales of industry leader.

Could we be approaching an era where all will look toward underground fashion, wondering what Street will come up with next?


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