Beat Up Vintage – Word

I am blessed to live in area near historic abandoned buildings. I love everything about them, from the original character and  broken windows to the modern graffiti. I went on a hike recently and was trekking my ass up a hill when I spotted an old, rusted out car that had evidently tumbled down the hill. (I’m not sure what it was doing on the trail to begin with. Lots of questions ensued.) I’ve been meaning to go there again and explore. Secretly, I want to be an urban explorer. But I don’t want to get arrested. For now, I’ll dream.

Old Marin County Warehouse

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t bleed beat up vintage. There is something about it that captures my eye. I particularly love old vintage leather. The way that it ages and rubs away some of the tanning to create a totally unique piece. New, glossy leather completely bugs, especially with minor scuffs. (The only exception being Barcelona chairs by Mies van de Rohe. )

Recently, I thifted two really great finds, completely beat up and worn but perfect just so. I secretly want to keep these for myself. But alas, I’ve listed both in the Shoppe.

Check the look:

Kenneth Cole Crossover Pouch Purse

Kenneth Cole Pouch Purse

Middle Eastern Moto Pack

Middle Eastern Moto Pack

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